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We hired Lowe's to do some pretty substantial home improvement projects. A new kitchen counter and backsplash tile; a bathroom remodel, and a new fence.

I will start off by saying the subcontractors Lowe's provided were excellent, but Lowe's consistently dropped the ball. They did not provide the subcontractors in some cases with adequate materials (forcing them to drive back and forth to get things), and failed to deliver the fencing material for the subcontractor in a timely manner.

The day the fence was to be installed, they FINALLY brought the fencing material to our house (it was supposed to be delivered the day before). Unfortunately, it was raining very hard, and for some reason the Lowe's delivery person decided it would be a good idea to drive a heavy fork lift laden with fencing across my very wet lawn.

As if leaving massive divot tracks across my lawn wasn't bad enough, he managed to get the lift and load stuck very close to his final destination. At that point, he began spinning the wheels of the fork lift, burying it a good 3.5-4 feet deep in my yard.

They then called in a large wrecker from a local towing company, and proceeded to drag the machine deeper and deeper across the lawn. So they called in another smaller wrecker, which left another set of nasty tracks in the yard, and then got that stuck. So they had to use the cable from the huge wrecker to pull the smaller wrecker and the fork lift through my yard, leaving deep ruts.

Lowe's was all apologetic, and promised to "make it right". They did not. They had the fencing contractor have one of his guys fill in the crevasses in my lawn by hand with a shovel, and sprinkle some grass seed over the mess. It continued to rain hard, and no attempt was ever made to roll or compact the backfill. My yard then somewhat resembled a moonscape with a two-track through the middle of it. We were told to let the grass come in and wait and see. We did, and the grass did partially come in, but the lawn remained very scarred. In addition, the lumpiness of the lawn remains.

My wife spent nearly one month of calling "Rick" the Lowe's manager and telling him the yard condition was unacceptable, missing grass, and was very uneven and unsightly. She was treated to excuse after excuse after excuse. Finally, "Rick" agreed to do something. The "something" was he sent the fencing contractor out to sprinkle a single 7 pound sack of grass seed over our unsightly lawn scars. NO ATTEMPT was made to correct the uneven ground or loss of drainage profile.

At this point, it is obvious Lowe's will never make this problem "right". They damaged our property, screwed up, and offered little more than cheap gratuitous platitudes and a little grass seed. It's obvious that after spending well over $10,000 with Lowe's, they are effectively giving us the middle finger. Like most big-box institutions, they could care less about the customer once they have his/her money.

I will never do business with Lowe's again, and if you are thinking about it - you should seriously reconsider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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