Denver, Colorado

Lowes "professionals" installed an electric range for us just over a year ago. It is in a house where the range is not used very often.

Just after the warranty for the range expired, the breaker started tripping whenever the oven was turned on. We called Lowes who sent a repairman out to investigate the problem. The repairman said that the range was not correctly installed - they did not tighten the bolts for the electrical which was causing the problem. It fried the entire electric block - he said its lucky we did not have a fire.

When we went back to Lowes to discuss the installation, they told us that is should have been an issue during the warranty period and they would not cover the cost. The manager, Joe, was not at all apologetic and said there was nothing he could do. Too bad we own several rental properites - this was the first and last time I ever purchase appliances from Lowes.

I should have stayed with Sears where the service is great.

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