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I bought a high end Bosch dishwasher 4 and a half years ago. The extended warranty ran out half a year back and now the dishwasher is broken.

The piece I need to fix it is no longer sold, not by Lowe's not by any parts supplier online. Apparently Bosch stopped making the part so the dishwasher is on its way to the dump.

Parts are supposed to be available for appliances for 10-15 years. Lacking a part that should sell for less than ten bucks has turned a thousand dollar machine into a piece of rubbish.

Really? Wouldn't one think that Lowes would contract with their suppliers to maintain the products they sell?

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Why are you blaming Lowes? The didn't make the dishwasher. Your complaint should be with Bosch.


File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Per Federal law, repair parts are supposed to be available for a period of at least five years after the model has been discontinued. CC a copy of your complaint letter to the manufacturer to put some hot coals under their feet.

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