Wallingford, Connecticut
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I recently applied at lowes distribution for a seasonal team member job. I went through the entire hiring process as far as the drug test and even getting my orientation date.

A week after I was told I would be hired Bill from HR had informed me that there was something wrong with my backround check. I told him my SS card and Birth Certificate had different endings (Jr./ II ).

He assured me that was the problem so I fixed that issue and brought it to him that day and all was good.

When I got home (literally 30 min. after I was assured of my position) I got a phone call and Billy Boy told me my SS # was wrong on the application and I would have to re-do my application and start everything all over again, and that my position was no longer assured....Talk about HR being completely incompetent of doing their job.

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Does anyone want some great Lowe's Managers pics doing bad things?? like the HR??


you either know somebody or you blow.......those are the number 1 rules, I know it for a fact........worked in one at owensboro,Ky.

Human resource had a relationship with a now dept manager, that dept manager now harrassess ladies and nothing gets done!

Store manager covers him up.


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