Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On October 18th I purchased brand new major appliances for my newly rehabbed kitchen from Lowe's: refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Out of those four appliances, three have broken. A couple of months ago I had someone out to fix the dishwasher. The stove's gas shut-off valve does not work (figured this out after coming home with my newborn to a house full of gas; still have not gotten fixed as I just cannot find the time).

On Thursday, April 28th I called Lowe's because my refrigerator had stopped working. Besides losing at least $100 worth of food, I was panicked: I have a four-month-old and work full time; his milk was in the refrigerator. I was told by the Lowe's customer service rep that the earliest appointment she could get me was Friday (the next day). I explained why it was so urgent - she was very nice, sympathized, but still could not help me. It is worth mentioning that I live in a major city (Philadelphia), and it is confusing that as a large company in a major city, Lowe's could not secure someone sooner, especially considering the circumstance. She then explained that I could call the company myself and ask for service that day. Upon calling that company, I was told by them that Lowe's had the wrong information, and they could not perform the work until Monday.

I then called Lowe's again, crying, that I could not feed my baby without having refrigeration. Someone different was able to secure service that same day. When the service repairman came to the house, he announced that it would take 7-10 business days to get the part, but that upon shutting off the refrigerator for 24 hours, should magically work. In a major city, and in this day of same-day shipping, I am confused why it would take so long to receive the part.

It is worth mentioning that I am still paying off the appliances (almost all broken). It is also worth mentioning that my husband and I, as new parents, also have demanding jobs, which make sitting at home waiting for repair professionals difficult.

I lost the following because of the situation: at least $100 worth of food; my baby's breast milk (priceless) and a day of work. I am confused why no one offered to deliver a mini refrigerator to use, especially considering my unique situation with the baby. For anyone that has had a baby, nurses that baby and has to work full-time, they understand how panicky and terrifying it is to lose refrigeration. My house is exactly 2.6 miles away from a Lowe's store; it would have been possible.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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We purchased a major brand refrigerator and dryer recently from Lowes thinking they were new products. But gives the problems we are having with both products we are convinced neither is a new products.

Both were manufactured one in 2002 and the other was manufactured in 2003. They were both sold as new, but we believe they are both refurbished because they are not functioning properly.

We have complained and complained, but have gotten little cooperation. We will not be buying another product from Lowes.


Its true everyone wants everything for nothing... buy the *** warranty and you would not have to worry..

and dont be mad at the store they did not build your appliances they were made from another company... its people like you that make sales people not want to come into work in the morning


I was going to try to fully address all of your misperceptions about how these things work, but suffice to say you have unrealistic expectations. A quick rundown

-you should be mad at the manufacturer (name on the appliance) for the poor quality, not the retailer. also, it seems you did not protect yourself with a warranty (would've covered food loss and parts & repair)

-scheduling service under a basic manufacturer's warranty next day would have been EXCEPTIONAL, and a four day wait is pretty average

-nobody gives you floor models to "borrow", they have to sell those later

-there are hundreds of parts for each appliance, so stocking them as close to the customer as appliances would be ridiculously expensive, inefficient, and hard to plan for

-Rent-a-center was made for people like you

-if you buy from someone on an hourly wage, expect a half-assed level of care. Do your homework so you can tell if commissioned people are BSing you and buy from someone honest; they will make sure you're taken care of because they have a reason to! (besides "because they should")

-Bottom line: take care of yourself first, then if someone is willing to go the extra mile, great, but if not, you're prepared.