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My family and I have had 4 weeks of turmoil, due to a Lowes’ sub-contractors inability to measure a 17’ x 15’ 6” room for a carpet. We ordered a carpet for our basement in the end of November/ beginning of December.

The installers came and measured the room. When the carpet came in, we had initially arranged a date for the install, just before Christmas. Soon after arranging this date, we realized that we could no longer be available on that date, and called Lowes to re-schedule the install to 8am on 9th of January. However, my wife was leaving home one day before Christmas, and the carpet installers turned up with our carpet, apparently Lowes’ hadn’t told them of the change of date.

The installer tried to convince my wife to let him install the carpet there and then, and told her it would only take an hour to install, but my wife told him that she was just leaving our house, and besides, we hadn’t cleared the room of furniture. The installers left. 9th Jan – The installers arrived at 8am, but shortly after arriving, they told me that there was a problem, that they didn’t have enough carpet. It turns out that the installer, who measured our room, got it wrong.

The installers were talking amongst themselves, and were facetiming (or skyping) a conversation to the original installer who had measured the room, they then went and sat in their van until the original measuring guy, arrived, then they went into my basement again, and proceeded to measure the basement another 15 - 20 times. In the end, I had to tell them to stop, and pointed out that the room is 17’ x 15’ 6” and couldn’t change it’s size. I then asked them what they were going to do. They told me that they would have to special order some more carpet, to finish the room, but would install some of the carpet that day.

They then fitted the carpet pad, and one 17’ x 12’ section of carpet (leaving a 3’ 6” x 17’ section, un carpeted) – this whole process took 4 hours! Before they left, I tried to find out how they were going to fill the strip that was left, they told me “don’t worry, we’ll order the carpet, and we’ll make it OK straight away, once the carpet is in” ….. but they wouldn’t give me any details. We had to leave our furniture out of the basement, in order to allow the rest of the carpet to get re-fitted.

16th Jan – We hadn’t heard anything about the new piece of carpet, so I had to go to the store to see what was going on. The carpet salesman (Jay) was very helpful, and pulled up the order on his screen. The only info on the carpet, was that the “due” date was 26th of Jan. However, I noticed that the amount ordered was 60 sq ft.

This meant that in order to fill the 3’ 6” x 17’ strip in my basement, 4 small pieces of carpet would have to be stuck together (3x 5’ and one 2’ scrap). I told Jay this was unacceptable, we then went to see the duty store manager, I drew pictures and explained the same to him, he told me that he would bring it up with the “install team” and they would get in contact with me. Over the next week, I had many phone calls and visits to the store including to the carpet sales, installation team and one of the managers there, and to the installers, and had to explain my situation many, many times. The installation company actually wanted to come out to my property yet again to measure.

I told them that there was no way that they needed to measure that room anymore. Eventually, the store agreed to order a bigger size of carpet. I had to follow up a few times to find out the status of the new carpet. 28th Jan – We get an automated phone call from the store, telling us that the carpet was in.

30th Jan – I called the store and got put through to the “install team” and spoke with Laurie. Laurie was quite rude with me, and basically told me that the installers had been called and they would schedule me, and not to pester them for details. She didn’t really seem to care that our house had been turned upside down for over 3 weeks at this stage. 1st Feb – I went to the store again, and this time spoke with one of the install team called Matt.

Matt wasn’t as rude as Laurie, and called the installers whilst I was there. They told him that they “might be able to “fit me in” on Friday the 10th of Feb! I told Matt that this was unacceptable, that not only had I lost my home office since the 8th of Jan, but that we have also been trying to live with the entire content and furniture of my basement, spread throughout my house! Matt told me that they would try to “move things around” and would call me back.

I also pointed out to Matt, that despite having “all seams must be taped” written all over the stainmaster carpet cushion, none of the cushion seams had in fact been taped. Both the carpet sales team in the sore and Matt, agreed that that should be the case, and he informed the installers that the seams would need to be taped. I spoke with Lowes customer care, on a couple of occasions, and various people in store expressing my concerns and disappointment in Lowes customer care. I received a call from the installation company, telling me that they would; “be at my house between 9am and 11 am on Friday the 3rd of Feb, to fully tape all carpet cushion seams (including the seams beneath the strip of carpet that was already laid, and to install the remaining carpet.

3rd Feb – I took another morning off work to ensure the rest of the install went OK. At 10am, the installers still hadn’t arrived, I called their contact (Mo) to find out what was going on, but got voicemail, I left a message. The installers eventually showed up at 10.30. I told them that I had had to leave at 11am, as I had to travel to a meeting for 12.

They told me that they would be finished by then, which surprised me as I believe there was more than 30 mins of work. I let them start to work, and went down after 10 mins, I checked to see if they had taped the carpet cushion seams and they had just stuck a 2ft piece of tape over part of the seams that were showing. I told them that that was unacceptable, and that all of the cushion seams should be taped. They tried to tell me that there was no need, but I pointed out that the carpet cushion has the instructions printed all over it, as does the Stainmaster website, and this requirement had also been confirmed by the store carpet sales team, and installation team.

The installers then told me that they would “tape all of the seams” after another 5 mins, I went back downstairs to check, they said they had taped all of the seams, I asked to look at the seams under the carpet, and all they had done, was to stick another 2ft strip of tape onto each seam under the carpet. So in total along each 15’ 6” seam of carpet cushion, there was 2x 2ft sections of tape, the rest was untapped. I again told them that this was unacceptable, they told me that they would fix it. It was now 10.50, I told them that there was no way that they could tape all of the seams (correctly) and fit the remaining strip of carpet in 10 mins.

I told them that I could not stay past 11am, and therefore they would have to leave. I had many phone calls throughout the day with various people, including the store install team, and various managers, including several calls with the Newmarket store manager (Ed). Ed’s suggestion was to get the installers back on Monday (12-1) with their boss, and one of the managers from the store, to supervise the installation. I told Ed, that as I am self-employed, and have already lost many hours of work through two previously botched up installs, and much time wasted trying to resolve the problems with the install, I therefore couldn’t afford to have any more time off work.

I suggested that either the installer come over the weekend, or the store should arrange some alternative, local carpet installers to finish the install. Ed told me that they couldn’t do that, as Lowes “has a commitment to it’s installers”, this statement made me exceptionally mad. I pointed out to Ed that I thought that Lowes should value it’s customers that have been messed around through no fault of their own, and actually through the fault of Lowes’ installers. I read the following Lowes’ statement from Lowes’ website to Ed: Lowe's Vision: We will provide customer-valued solutions with the best prices, products and services to make Lowe's the first choice for home improvement.

At Lowe's, we take great pride in a culture built on more than 60 years of exceptional customer service. I told Ed, that enough was enough, I couldn’t afford to lose any more work myself, and would therefore source my own, local carpet installer over the weekend, and would send him the bill for the installation work, including my lost wages, due to the exceptionally bad Lowes customer experience that I had been given. I then phoned a local carpet store, who put me in contact with their contract, carpet installer. I called him and arranged for him to come and look at the job, on Sat the 4ht of Feb.

4th Feb – Carpet installer arrived, and told me that he could tape the seams and finish the install off the next day (Sunday) at 9.30am. 5th Feb – Carpet installer arrived, tapped all of the carpet cushion seams and finished the carpet install. I went to Lowes, told the carpet sales team (Jay) and their manager (Joe) what I was doing. They gave me the carpet.

I am self employed, and therefore lost money when every I was having to deal with Lowes, my personal losses from dealing with Lowes (including lost wages, cost of paying my own local installer etc) totalled - C$2,543 Please note, that the above does NOT include, my personal time wasted over the weekend (as I was not scheduled to work), nor does it include the inconvenience, of my family and myself, having to live with a house full of basement furniture spread around our house for 4 weeks, nor does it include the loss of one of our two bathrooms for 4 weeks.

I cannot stress enough, just how amazed and disappointed I am, that a Lowes store manager, places his “commitment to his stores contractors” ……… far ahead of his commitment to his customers! Especially when it is his customers and their families who are being messed around!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Zero customer comittment.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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At least you got 'some' carpet. They didn't show up with carpet (duh), ripped out 2/3rds of it, went back to the store for the carpet (wasting time) and.....oooops, out of stock.

Like replacing a roof, but not showing up with new shingles.


Sorry to see of your trouble with this company. However, going with a large conglomerate which constantly turns over employees should have been a clue from the start. You very likely overpaid for the carpet and and deprived the local carpet store owner of a sale as well.

You are also, lucky the the re-ordered small pieced matched as the normally carpet that is ordered from a second mill run, will not match up with the original carpet.