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Large number of items (hose for water heater) was clearly displayed and advertised for a given price ($8,xx). During the check out the cashier informed that the price was $24,xx, and even though I stated that the price on display was different, then the aforementioned cashier simply indicated that he would only take price scanned and that otherwise I would have to go to the aisle and then take a pic of the item and price displayed which really was obnoxious (I am engineer and I certainly do not work for Lowes as one of their minimum wage employees).

Then he called the plumbing department and they called him back reinforcing the idea that they went to the aisle and checked the price as being $24,xx. Already disgusted with the whole situation and waste of time, I went with the cashier to aisle and pointed out to him that the price was clearly $8,xx on display; and another devious, dis-considerate, obtuse tactic he simply stated that price was obviously mistakenly placed there (I can not recount how many times I found item in other stores [ especially at Menards for a fraction of the price seen at Lowes ]. At the very end, having been wrong not only once but twice (on occasion of marking the price, and then during their own price check), they still refused to match their own price as advertised by themselves.

It seems that they really lack even the most basic sense of decency in the context of their price policy. I wish there was a Homedepot nearby; and since I spent over $1000 dollars per month in home improvement material, the idea of spending another dime at this Lowes is really disgusting and distraught to say the least.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Water Heater Hose Kit
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Is there any reason for them to not think you moved the price tag yourself? People try to rip them off everyday and don't know you at all.


Clearly, an obnoxious non-sense question and comment...