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I recently purchased a GE appliance from Lowe's. The sign stated that the appliance qualified for a $50.00 rebate, which was part of my purchase decision. The clerk had difficulty getting the rebate form to print, and I had to wait. I submitted the rebate, and now I get a letter that the rebate was only for a pair of appliances.

The sign did not say pair. The salesman sold me one appliance and stated the rebate applied to the appliance. The cashier had to get the rebate form from a separate computer. All of the above with the understanding that it was for the washer alone.

I called the number and was blown off, and told that the only rebates are for pairs of appliances.

This was a deceptive practice. I will not purchase anything from Lowes ever again, and suggest that no one else gets scammed like this either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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I was doing some research while on hold to see why my rebate was half the amount it should have been and found this site. I purchased paint from 3 different stores to get enough to paint my house.

I sent in the rebate for with all three receipts, the rebate form and a memo explaining where the paint was purchased and the expected total for the rebate. I was able to contact the rebate center via the customer service 800 number and they were able to straighten it out and are sending a second check. I have to say that no reasonable person would have every been confused by what I sent in so I am skeptical. That being said, Lowes does seem very willing to make things right anytime there is an issue.

I own rentals and probably average about 40 - 50 purchases a year and have been very happy with the ability with Lowes to make things right if there is a problem and there have been very few. One last item. I did get a Lowes credit card to help finish a project that I couldn't finish on time without. I was disappointed that I was automatically signed up for some sort of insurance plan to pay off my card in case of death, disability etc.

I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was spelled out on the application form, but I don't remember it and would never sign up for that.

They also cancelled that for me right away and refunded the money.

I say if you run into an issue, Call Customer Service. I think they will do their best to make it right.


The above is exactly what occurred to me. I bought a refrigerator for 2096 dollars plus tax.

I bought it on the premise I would receive a 260$ rebate. The receipt clearly had the rebate listed. The clerk had trouble getting the rebate form to print and got it from a different computer. I sent in the rebate and was denied with lowes stating it was not a qualifying product??

But the clerk advised it was, the receipt printed with the advertised rebate. The form was provided by lowes and all the rules were followed. But I received a letter in the mail I was denied. I sent the letter back with the highlighted portions on the receipt of the qualifying product and the rebate (both on the same receipt!) No reply.

I called the number and got automated responses (they didn't want to talk to me). I have a home depot right next to Lowes and an Ace near by. I'll be shopping there permanently from now on.

This was the Lowes on 71st in Tulsa, OK. They stole 260 dollars from me.


No, I totally disagree with this theory of speaking with a manager at Lowe's. I tried that idea and one even filled the rebate out again for me, all to no avail.

Lowe's simply doesn't honor their own rebates. TRUST ME!!

Again, I no longer make any purchase from LOWES. I go to HOME DEPOT and they honor their every promise.


I have made major purchases at Lowes in Somerset, KY and Knoxville, TN and I did not receive my promised rebate from either purchase. I do not think Lowe's honors their own rebates.

I no longer shop there AT ALL. I would suggest you go to HOME DEPOT.


We are bringing cases for purchasers who haven't received their rebates. Please call my cell at 201-926-9200 or email with your tel no.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


Lowes has a 800# for customer service. Use it.

they will take your info and forward it to the store management team and the District manager. One of the upper managers at the store will call you. Tell them what happened. If they don't offer to refund your appliance and rebill it minus the fifty dollars ask if talking to the District manager about it will make a difference.

We as managers are suggestively trained to never let a complaint get to the District manager. You will get your FIFTY back.


Nah, that would be TOO EASY for them! Some customers are only happy when they can complain rather than doing the sane, rational thing and come in and explain the situation to someone.


Why not just go to the store and explain the problem? The employees don't want you to be unhappy, and if you have a legitimate complaint, they'll work to resolve it.

@Lowe's Employee

Total bs