Tampa, Florida

I bought a pressure washer from lowes. They sold me a 3 yr warranty to cover any mechanical faliures.

They didn't bother to mention that the warranty is void if machine is used for commercial use. Now that my machine needs repairs, Lowed is trying their best to wiggle out of their end of the deal. I paid $64.95 for the warranty and when I took my machine to the shop the shop charged me $35 for some simple repair but did not change the pump which was why I took it to the shop in the first place.

Also their manager at Lowes pretended to really want to help me but conviently was currently out of loner machines so I was stuck in the wind to go dig out of savings to buy a new machine so that my business could function for the day. I will run an add in my local news paper and tell everyone I see if lowes does not fix my machine!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Your Lowes extended warranty runs concurrent with the mfr. If the mfr warranty is 2 yrs, you have purchased a 3rd year.

If it is 1 yr, you purchased years 2&3. That itself is highly deceptive. Also, no one will ever ask you what your occupation is, much less a cashier. Also, you are not covered for any part deemed a regular maintenance item, which there are plenty on the pressure washer.

Plus, any damage is not covered. You have an argument that is bigger than the store.


The terms and conditions clearly state that the plan will not cover commercial use.

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