Monroe, Michigan
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I returned some items on June 20th for a refund. What I wanted was store credit so I could buy my Dad a barbecue grill for Father's Day.

Instead of offering me the store credit they submitted a refund to the credit card I had used to buy the products with. They said it was their policy and next time not to use a receipt for store credit. I'm confused here. If I didn't have a receipt I wouldn't of got anything and with a receipt I didn't get anything either.

They returned funds to a credit card that I cancelled.

I think my money is gone. I will never shop Lowes again!

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Still never returned to Lowes and never will! Home Depot has my business now and never a problem with them.


a refund put back on the same form of payment as the original purchase, those theives! put on your big boy pants and suck it up.


The policy is the refund goes to original purchase type. Why is Lowes to blame for you cancelling your credit card?

Exactly how were you ripped off?

Your money was refunded to the paytype you originally used. Your statement is the money was refunded to a credit card you cancelled.


I did not owe the credit card any money and I did get my money back after about 2 weeks. However, the point of the complaint was this - my father did not get a present because the returned items was all the money I had at the time. Isn't it amazing that a company that prides themselves on doing something 'good for your father on Father's Day' did something like this?


Sounds to me like you still owed the CC money otherwise it would NOT have gone threw and you would of gotten a store credit.


Calling a person a *** for getting ripped off from a retail giant is unforgivable.


you are truly a ***


your *** if you pay with credit card you withh get it back on you card. if you have no reciet you would have got store credit


It is a common practice for retail stores to make the refund in the same form as the purchase. Cash for cash, return to a credit card when purchased on a card.

The retail stores pay a fee to the credit card company when you make a purchase.

They get it back when they make a return to the card. I am sure if you contact your credit card company they will send you a check.