Gonzales, Louisiana

I live in Gonzales, Louisiana and on 04-25-08 I bought a $700.00 WP upright 17.7 CF freezer with a extended four year warranty.It has been a year a four months I have had a so called repair man come out to my home three time's already the seal needs to be replaced but every time he come out all he does is take a blow dryer to it to defrost the ice around the door but it is a anti-frost freezer so there is definitely something wrong with it but the repair man said that it was not his problem to call the Lowe's 1-800 number but they said that they couldn't do anything without it coasting me money. What the *** is the point of the warranty if a simple repair is going to coast me money.I simple do not recommend buying WP items or appliances from LOWES.

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Lowes does not manufacture the product. If you bought a bottle of shampoo at walmart and didnt like it,would you boycott walmart?

No, you would purchase different shampoo. Speak with the store manager.

Be polite. The store manager will get you taken care of.


I can't believe how many customers never save there recipts.It's always someone else who is to blame.Save your dam recipts will ya.People wake up and get a backbone


I agree. I work at Lowe's and we are much more willing to help a customer who is calm and respectful. Also, it helps to know how to spell and use punctuation.


Why does everyone think if you Buy something, the store is responsible for the warranty?

The warranty is ALWAYS the responsibilty of the company that made the product. Heres a little lesson for you...keep your owners manual, call there 800 number, and redeem your warranty instead of blaming someone else for your stupidity


it is not a lowes issue, it is a vendor issues, so dont blame it on lowes. what you can do is NICELY explain the problem to a senior manager at the store and explain you have had no result calling the 888-77lowes number.

if they do not swap it out, all the 888-44lowes customer care number and ask for a district manager resolution.

trust me, you will get results. just remember, be firm, but be nice...it gets you alot further!