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How great of Lowes to pride themselves on a guarantee competitor Price Match. However, they are NOT willing to price match their own Store.

That's right one Lowes in one part of town has one price and the other Lowes a couple of miles down the road has another price - and guess what - they will NOT match it. Even after the first Lowes told me to go on to the other store and get the item there, for they were out of stock.

So guess what Lowes - I guarantee that I will take my business to your competitors instead.

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Same problem after another lowes employee said they would price match and to go to another store. How ***!

Taking my business elsewhere over 70.00 when I am a contractor. Hope it was worth it to lose customers!!


I know this is an old thread, but it's now 2013. I just had this happen to me.

Lowes in La Habra, CA is selling 28"x32" replacement glass for cheaper than Lowes in Chino, CA.

Items are the same brand, same size, same everything. They refused to match, even with their guarantee stating that they don't match other Lowes stores. When asked why, they couldn't give me an answer. :roll

Also I worked with lowes from 2006-2008.


I bought an outdoor light fixture and needed two more, but Lowes was out of stock. They initially checked stock at another local store & suggested I go there, but I didnt have the time that day to drive over, so at the suggestion of Customer Service they pre-ordered the fixtures telling me it should only be a couple of days as six more were on order.

The item was on sale for $43.16 (down from $54). Since I paid that day, I was charged the sale price on the lights. I have checked back every Tuesday and Friday (apparently their stocking days) & now a month later & I'm still waiting for these "regular stock" items to arrive. Not only am i still waiting, but i was told that the items are now priced at $36.

I was going to return my pre-paid order for a Lowes store credit & go to other area Lowes (6 miles away) to pick up the same fixtures since they had them in stock, but the want even more than the pre-sale $54 price! I explained the situation & asked if they would honor the other stores price, but was told that they had different district pricing ant could not.

Guess I'll take the one fixture down and return all 3. Good thing Home Depot is a block away as well!


I work at Lowes and I KNOW they price match other stores just because the Lowes in your area doesnt you dont need to be writing these *** *** lies get a job and get a *** LIFE. I totally agree with you, retailer4life. Our store we price match the other Lowes in our area.


I agree with Me1. I live in Wichita, and work near Derby.

I also work in retail, so I don't want to hear any lame defenses from the sarcastic retailer4life. I found, at the Derby, KS location, some tile flooring on sale. I needed about 100 sq. feet.

They had about 19 sq. feet, but I was told there was more at the West Wichita location. The flooring was not damaged or dented. I went to the West store to buy the rest, and it was more expensive there.

I went to the customer service desk and asked for a price match. They told me that they do not price match other Lowe's stores. I think that is retarded. Same with a toilet that was clearanced.

I understand this was clearanced, but why is it different among the same chain? I work in a chain store and we have the same prices on everything across the nation.

Sometimes a signature store may have an additional sale. If that occurs and a customer says something, we will match the price.


Listen up Mr.IloveLowes4Life you have been a bigger pain in the butt then the Lowes I went to in Hialeah, FL. I dont know why you would want to contact them - I got what I wanted it just took 3 people and about 30 minutes of arguing - so go ahead call them up if you want and post what ever the *** you want to post - As for me1, I am done with you and with Lowes. buh -bye


The responses by retailer4life are typical of lowes bs. If lowes keep people like him around, it won't be long that he will worry about a paycheck, because lowes will be out of business.


Well, I guess I put a quick end to Me1's poor excuse to PROVE we would not price match the same item!! As stated before, ALL he had to do was post the town the Lowe's was in, and give a NAME and I would contact them personally and post the reason why the item was not matched.

Anyone else out there smell something fishy from him?? My offer's still good, Me1, just give me a name and a store, buddy, and I'll post the results for ALL to see!


Me1 (thank goodness there's not 2 of you!) , you STILL have not addressed the fact there was indeed A REASON the other store would not honor the other store's sale price!!! There is a reason why you are not telling the whole story here.

Give me the town the store is in, I will contact that store myself, and post the true story why they would not honor the sale price.

You say you are in retail?? My gosh, man, you mean you actually have to deal with people like you???


I am in retail myself and know how things work that is why I am so mad that this company of your Lowes does not work with customer:

1. it was a toilet on sale at a lowes in the east side of town. It was on display on sale but theyr were out of stock. Was told to go to the west side of town whom had 6 available.

2. The toilet on the west side was not on sale it was reg. price - same toilet, same sku, same everything

3. Plumbing employee said to go up front to customer service desk and explain to the manger the situation.

4. Manager had a fit - and after 30 minutes of discussion agreed to let me have it at the sale price.



Hey, anchorbanger, or should I say *****banger, pretty brave there when your safe and sound in your mommy's arms, aren't ya? I stand by my comments 100% pal, you know they're true, I'm tired of dealing with moronic customers, try it sometime, you'll have to deal with people like you....and by the way, I've written checks for $100,000, have you? , my paychecks are pretty secure young man!


Lowes still sucks. So dont be all smarmey Mr.

Lowes Manager guy.

I had a $2,300.00 entry & storm door that took 11 months to get straightened out. The guy is a customer, ya know the people that MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PAYCHECK


Now, Now, Now, Me1, if you're going to come on this site and complain about our price matching guarantee, please be upfront and tell the whole story! What you were obviously looking at was a clearance, discontinued or what we call a "scratch and dent".

These prices are often determined by the individual store. if it was a scratch and dent item, then yes, it would be marked down, we do it all the time, but that does not mean the other store would sell you a brand new one for the other stores scratch and dent price. One other possibility, is that the other store forgot to take down an expired sale sign, then again, the other store would not be responsible for the other stores mistake.

And if the associate in that other store told you to go to the other store, then again, that is that stores fault, NOT the Lowes you ended up going to. It's OK to gripe, Me1, but ALWAYS tell the WHOLE STORY when you do!