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I have a 26 gal. Kobalt air compressor that I need a drive belt for the compressor. I called the 1-888-77LOWES that was on the compressor. they told me they did not service parts so they gave me another number, they gave me another number and after 3 hrs. and several calls I finally got a woman at 1-888-895-4549 ext 351 that said they were the dealers now but the only way they could sell me the belt was to buy a motor assembly.

The belt has two numbers on it - 1506 and 62-1289. Lowes still sells smaller and larger Kobalt compressors so I do not understand why they cannot get me something as common as a drive belt.

I do not remember how much I paid for the compressor, probably around $200, and it is ashamed that I will have to junk it because you do not support your product. I will know next time to purchase major tools from Sears. They support their products.

Jim Burks



Monetary Loss: $200.

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i had the same trouble try master tool repair or arkansas-ope.com you will have to look up kobalt sanborn part #007-0068 model#99007 sanborn is the want who make it


you can get it from master tools i had the same problem


My belt went and by dumb luck I for the fun of it took it to a local lawn and garden shop and bingo. $7.99 later and its up and running.


We also bought a Kobalt air compressor from Lowes. We needed a simple replacement part.

The pressure switch. No body carries it. The CS number in the book you call it 1-866-307-4104 Frank let me know how you make out!

After doing a lot of searching I found out some of the information that Angela supplied. You reported this in 2008 its 2011 now still having problems with Lowes Kobalt!


It's a freaking belt dude. Take the old belt to Napa or any auto parts store and say " I need a new belt"

5 mins later you have a new belt for less then $5.

Lowe's can't sell everything. If you would have looked in your service manual rather then calling lowes you would see that it says "call 1-888-895-4549 for parts or service" You can't blame Lowe's for you being an *** and spending 3 hours on the wrong number. You should be happy they even put up with you for 3 hours for something so dumb. Calling lowes for an air compressor belt is like calling sears for gas for your lawn mower. " What do you mean you don't sell gas for my crafsman lawn mower!? Its a craftsman !" :roll

I have a kobalt 80-gallon air compressor and it's a nice unit. I only needed to call service once and that was for a broken pressure switch housing. 24hrs later a service man showed up to replace it. Free of charge.


Well Frank I agree somewhat with your comment. I am the manager at a NAPA and Small Engine shop.

The belt he is looking for is a very small thin belt that doesn't cross with NAPA or any of my small engine parts catalogs.

LOL. Good post though.


Hate to tell you *** hole Napa doesn't sell 4 inch poly v belt that go on kobalt air compressors.. Why would they,,, It's an automotive parts distributor..

Lowe's has always sucked like that..

Now who's the dumb ***.. YOU ARE..!!


Your Kobalt is not a Kobalt but a Coleman Powermate privately labeled for Kobalt. Unfortunately if you purchase from sears you will get the same junk.

Sears has companies such as Coleman Powermate and DeVilbiss Air Power make their units also. I know it is irritating but the warranty for your compressor states that you have to take it to an authorized service center. Lowes is not authorized to service or sell parts for Coleman units they only sell them. Many service centers for Coleman cannot sell units only parts.

One alternative is to pack it up and take it back to Lowe's and get your money back. Your real problem should be with the manufacturer for their asinine warranty policy. Just to let you know Coleman Powermate went bankrupt. If you purchased before March 11, 2008 you no longer have a warranty due to the bankruptcy.

If purchased after you need to contact MAT Industries, LLC dba Sanborn Mfg. Truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Lowe's is not allowed to support the product, they're just make tons of money selling the junk line.






call the store you bought it from and ask for their General Manager. After you get him/her on the phone tell them that if they don't refund or replace this product that you will get in touch with their GO and report them that they are not trying to assist you nor will they honor their product.

Get the thing in your car and take it to Lowes and let them know you mean business! It costs them nothing to return a new product to you...


That is some funny sh*t.... You obviously have no clue.