Appleton, Wisconsin
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Update by user Dec 08, 2014

I just wanted to correct the location of this event.

This all happened at he MANITOWOC, WI store, NOT Appleton.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2014

I was hired at the Manitowoc Lowes #2206, as a driver a little over three months ago. I had on my application (and even mentioned to the hr person) that I'm Diabetic. Even though I was doing a NON-CDL required driving job, Lowes Corporate requires ALL drivers to need to same certification.

So I needed a Fed-Med card to drive, as well as a "Federal Exemption from the Diabetic Standard" from Washington D.C. Corporate didn't want to wait for the exemption and dropped my pay by $3 / hr and also switched me from Full-Time to Part-Time status.

Even though THREE other drivers requested I be put on as full-time driver assistant, it wasn't considered. They put me as a sales associate and posted two driver assistant jobs on JobCenter.

In two days I start FULL-TIME at a totally different company and just sent in my notice today. If they weren't going to care about me, I wasn't going to care about them.

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Sounds like Lowe's did everything right. The policy is the policy.

And store 2206 is Manitowoc but yet it is listed for Appleton. Looks like you messed that up too.


You sound like a loyal lowes lackie. Just wait until you fall into the same boat and see how loyal you are then.

I worked at the Appleton branch but went to Menards instead. Better company, a more respected company and managent/corporate work more to keep employees than line their own pockets.

Does lowes STILL only give their delivery drivers just two days off a year?

Thanksgiving and Christmas? Just what I'd want to see is a company delivery truck on New Years Day with a recently "celebrated" driver at the wheel.


Sounds like you drank the Nards Kool-aid and think they are the best, wrong sucker. Policy is policy, you will find that out at Nards too, the hard way.

They treat people like ***. You think Lowes is raking in money, look at john menard, he thinks you should pay him to work at his place.

I have no idea what Lowes does to drivers, or do I care. Sounds like a *** boy to me, just like how you sound, *** boy!


jr - "I have no idea what Lowes does to drivers, or do I care."

Why the *** are you even commenting. You have NO IDEA how they treat the drivers?

Then keep your big mouth shut !!!

I'll bet you were *** enough to vote for Hillary AND Obama... BOTH TIMES !!!


As a follow up, when I arrived home after the first Friday on my new job, my Federal Exemption arrived in the mail.

The store is STILL looking for another driver as well as driver assistants.

If they paid their drivers what they're worth, they wouldn't have such a hard time filling the positions.


hey sucka

still having problems with lowes in Appleton I sure hope so - you sounded like a *** driver that would hit things and then say its not your fault


Hey Anonymous, obviously you can't read...

Sven54245 never made it to the driving position because of them yanking him around.

Go back to sitting at the bar and kill a few more of the VERY few brain cells you have left !!