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Yah, I worked there from 2010-2012 in garden. I'm an older person with work ethics, hard working, and good customer service.

I also worked in plumbing over the winter, and Cashiering. I had to train newly hired youngsters and get on their *** all the time to help the customers and just do work, but they hid on me, rarely answered my pages, and we're always pulling out their cell phones texting their friends! Well, no matter what, I would help any customer in any dept. if I could, or I'd hunt down the employee in that dept.

for the customer! I treated all customers like how I'd want to be treated. Well, I was fired after getting sick and needing surgery, they claimed I took too many sick days, well....... I was sick, but they only allowed 5 sick days per year, I had 8!

The management does what they can, but it's a huge corporation where the execs. make the rules, you abide by their rules no matter what or they get rid of you.

They don't want hard working, knowledeable employees, just warm bodies in vests on the floor! Go to Home Depot, I worked there for 8 years til I moved, always good customer service!

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Did you forget to inform your managers and HR that you were having surgery or did you just call in one day and say "Oops I forgot to tell you I'm having an operation and I will be out for a week." I would have fired you too.

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