I went to pick up a load of lumber after placing a $600 phone order. As the employee was helping my husband load the plywood the employee shoved the corner of a piece of plywood into my trucks rear window and shattered it!

The senior assistant manager in charge filled out a claim form and took some pictures gave us his business card and said we should be hearing from someone in 24-48 hours never gave us a copy or even showed us it or had us sign anything. Its now been over 48 hours and have heard NOTHING!! We own a pool cleaning business and couldn't work without a window due to the harsh chemicals in the back of the truck so we were forced to replace the window ourselves or lose income and not work! We called Lowes again today and was referred to the claims dept where we had to leave a voicemail and still have heard nothing but crickets on their end.

Definitely the last time I will ever shop at any Lowes or refer them to anyone else.

I shouldve known by the poor customer service support we received while ordering from the Oceanside,CA location that it was poor company to work with. Wish I would have gone to Home Depot before driving 30 minutes to the San Marcos, CA location!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

  • shattered windsheild
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West Chester Township, Ohio, United States #715923

I am seeing a pattern here. I think someone from Lowes keeps leaving posts on others complaints calling them lazy and ***.

You are not fooling anyone Mr. get off your butt.

San Diego, California, United States #687162

Kind of hard to load it ourselves when the dummy brought our phone order out on a forklift.

to Anonymous #1017348

You would have complained when it naturally took them longer to pull the order by hand. Plus the loaders probably had 10 orders like that before yours and another 10 after, I'd use a forklift too.


And people wonder why it's so hard to get someone to "help" them load something at a lumberyard. Something slips and now the customer wants big money in the way of "compensation". Load your own truck and you wouldn't have to worry about someone else touching it.

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