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I am currently a Lowes employee looking for a new job. Just found out yesterday that it is against company policy to leave the building to take a break.

If you think I am kidding you would be wrong. It is also against our company policy to chew gum or even just to carry a cell phone. The ironic thing is they REQUIRE all sales department to carry the company iPhone. One of Lowes biggest pushes is to get everyone to quit smoking and to help you quit smoking they will give you Nicorette.

Did you just catch what happened there? They are so concerned about your health that you cannot have any fresh air or get any relief from the stress of retail work and beleive it or not for some people that is smoking(I am not a smoker by the way). Now since you can't do that have a piece of gum no no wait sorry you can't do that either. SO everyone who is a stock holder sitting back thinking that Lowes would be a safe bet maybe just sit back for a moment and think about the employees that have to put up with idiocy and then maybe tell Lowes to pull their heads out of their ***!

Tell them to keep their *** stock so they will fire all of those idiots and maybe get back on the right track. Thanks for letting me vent!

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Hi I was terminated yesterday because they claimed I was a no call no show on a day that I wasn’t even scheduled to work!!!


They are eliminating all loss prevention Specialist positions in the company and all loss prevention manager positions in risk level 1-4 stores as of February 2, 2019. They just told us on a phone conference call yesterday. Didnt even give us a month's notice to find another job




Noelf, just heard today at Lowes, you are not aloud to drink water at your station or have water anywhere near you on the floor, don't know what fool made such a rule, meaning you have to go to the break room every half hour for a drink, this store is in Florida, daaaaaaaaaaaa.


This must be the store you worked in have work at Lowes here in central fl and we can go out if we take our vest off. as far as chewing gum our manager said just use class cell phone can be carried to us for our emergancies maybe you pissed people off the managers . I feel that our store we are one big happy family and at 75 with heart trouble all the guys and girls look out for this old man and i work in the electrical dept> Hope you find your dream job


Surprisingly, unlike California and other states alike which require employers to provide a meal break, rest breaks, or both, Mississippi and a few other states doesn’t have any code or statute regarding rest and meal breaks. So, Mississippi employers must follow only the federal rules.Federal law doesn’t give employees the right to time off to eat lunch (or another meal) or the right to take short breaks during the work day.

Employees must be paid for shorter breaks they are allowed to take during the day, but employers are not legally required to provide these breaks in the first place.In spite of all these, in states like Mississippi where employees have no right to meal and/or rest breaks, some employers may choose to provide these breaks as a matter of policy.In your first day of employment at Lowe’s they gave you the New Employee Orientation” – Employee Resource Guide. Supposing you still have it, review the Schedules and Timekeeping - Meals/Rest Brakes policy. Also, for more clarification on this policy contact Human Resources at your store.If through their policy you have the right at meals and/or rest breaks at predetermined times, and/or occasionally your meal/rest breaks may be delayed or shortened due to operating requirements, they should respect their promises or you may file a complaint. And/or your manager is not consistent in allowing these breaks in the same conditions for everyone, you may be discriminated.

So, you should file a complaint.Now even though you wouldn’t have any rights to these breaks through state and/or their policy, considering you continually worked for 6 hours, and this doesn’t happen frequently, your SM answer "You haven’t earned one. You waste too much time." Is unreasonable and unprofessional.When people are hungry and/or tired they aren’t productive neither collaborative with their colleagues.


so tell me if this is legal or not. I am part time unloading trucks for Lowe's store #0537 in hattiesburg ms.

i work from 4pm to whenever we get done, schedule says 4pm to 8pm. but we work till the truck is done and that could be anywhere from 8pm to 12pm depending on how big the truck is and how much other random things we have to do within the store. so around 8pm the store closes (because sunday). at 830ish pm i go to the door to go take a 15min break and my SM says i cant i ask why, he says we need to make progress on the truck.

so i say ok, turn around and go work on the truck again. now its 10:15, been working nonstop for 6 hours straight. no breaks, no lunch, not nothing but boxes. i asked him around 1020, why i havent been able to take a break.

and this is what he says. "You havent earned one. You waste too much time." now...im not too sure, but i think there is a policy or a law somewhere that says if you work 6 hours or more you GET an unpaid break.

anyone can confirm or deny this plz?? i feel something there is out of place.....


I currently work at Lowe's As far as the no cell phone and no chewing gum thing goes i've never heard of it. You can have your phone on you.

You just arent supposed to text or whatever unless your on a break or lunch. And noone ever told me i couldn't chew gum. I know that smoking is supposed to be prohibited on company grounds. But everyone goes to their car to smoke.

And some managers let you go to your car to take a 15 minute break.

Some want you to go to the break room. it just depends on the individual Manager.


I work at lowes too my store we cant leave building except on lunch as well i think its pretty *** as no other job will try to fire you for taking a smoke break that i have had.


Try becoming a minority , at our store 2244 they have different rules for people. As for smoking When I clean around the building I always find people smoking near the piles of ciggarett butts


As a Lowe's employee you are paid while you are on break. Therefore they can govern whether you are allowed to leave the building during that time.

When you take a lunch you are "off the clock" and can go wherever you want. And chewing gum while face to face with customers is rude and unprofessional.

Thousands of people are looking for jobs. Move along and let someone who appreciates employment take over.




Must be a manager talking


I work for lowes and we are allowed to leave work on breaks, chew gum, and have our phones on us. The only exception is if u are constantly late coming back from breaks they might suggest u stay while on breaks, or if u are chomping on gum like a cow chewing cud they would probably ask for u to not chew gum on the sales floor. And lastly the only time a person is told they can not have their phone on them is if they are constantly checking it or having it visible for customers to see.


Does anyone know the policy on carrying (and blasting) personal music after closing hours? Boom boxes on the floor, (or personal speakers) blaring loud music, people using company computer and speaker to play their music?

After hours when the night crew come it's terrible!


after hrs its not a problem theres nothing against it in the policies. they even encourage ipods as long as you only have one ear piece in


I'm told that Lowe's doesn't give employees any 15 minute breaks only lunch


Not true. They give a 15 min break every shift no matter how long an employee works, and an hour lunch if he/she works over a certain amount of hours.

Some shifts get a 15 min break AND a lunch. You heard wrong.


I work for Lowe's and due to off the job injury I had to apply for temporary work place accommodation. They put me in self check out.

I immediately discovered that breaks are not allowed other than lunch. They don't think you need them but head cashiers and up take breaks. Just yesterday I was informed that I must clock out before leaving the floor for lunch even though I have to make it through the store, long walk, to put the "Red" in my locker before I can walk all the way back through the store to get out the door. It eats up 10 minutes of my lunchtime just for that.

They don't care about employees at all and the management treats employees anyway they want. Their so called open door policy is nothing more than a bad joke, they shut you down quickly and push you back out that open door. Every year they push everyone to take the "employee opinion survey ", yet there isn't any place to actually voice your so called "Anonymous" opinion. The treatment of employees continues to get worse.

I have now worked at two stores and one of their regional distribution centers. After nearly 9 years and countless harassment I have no choice but to look for a New job. They claim there are opportunities to advance or transfer but it's all a big fat lie.

They will hire off the street before hiring experienced people in-house since they can pay those people less. I could say so much more but instead I say..Don't even start with this heartless, uncaring company" .


Start clocking out right before you walk out of the building. That's what I do