Toledo, Ohio

As of Saturday Lowes is taking all these hard working folks and telling them that as of

Saturday, Feb.11, they will no longer receive any commissions on any sales!!! They dont make lots anyway.

I have a job ordered at Lowes and went in and paid the dang thing off just so the person that

helped me so much could get her due commission.

I will never shop at Lowes again and hope that folks that are dealing with these cretons cease and desist from shopping at Lowes. Also these employees received three days notice on this- uncaring selfish -

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Is this a nation wide decision or only happening in Toledo?


I have been at Lowe's for quite a while, it USED to be a great company that cared for its employees. But I guess we all should have seen this coming, when a lot of the old time, big wheels are getting out.

As stock holders we should have a choice in the direction the company is going, but since we turned into a government contract retailer, we have gone down the tube. Not only does taking away our commissions, inventory bonuses, department/store sales bonuses, LEF, and our whole empowerment to satisfy, effect my commitment to Lowe's, they are going to keep taking away from the people that pay their salaries.

SSEI is almost unobtainable. We all need to stand together, perhaps at the next stockholder meeting, we can all protest our complaints, and they be heard, by the owners of the company, not just the big wigs.


If you feel and care so much for the employees, you would continue to shop there, regardless of their wages and compensation. You not shopping there at all does more damage than a reduced commission does. Think before you act...


CEO Robert Niblock made 12 million in 2010; his salary fell to 11.6 million in 2011. How will he and the other top executives manage?


I'm sure that executive bonuses will also be eliminated/reduced!

Yes, and there it goes again - a squadern of pigs flying...


sorry for the un edited post.... i guess what i was trying to say i do not feel lowes cares and a monkey could replace me....

after almost 9 years ive never had a raise that would even cover the cost of living changes each year... i guess that is said u r going backwards..... i just wish they would send in the replacements so we could start to train them... im sure i could give them all my knowledge of 20 plus years over the weekend...

i always said rather than hire children who roam around the store looking for or not looking for work to groups of at least two... while they roam we are asked to sweep the floor.... im sure in the future when questions are asked in the store ... the ans will be TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF...

i can see changes... like a centrally located design center take ur best designers ... BEST and most experienced designers.. commission them allow them to make 100k or more like they could in the real design world...not giving the psi pse a 2% commission which is a joke in the cabinetry real world ..where showrooms pay a min of 10% or 40% of the net net profit....designer financially responsible for all mistakes...

to a 50%/50% split on commissions... i will tell u no that structure will give the co the most margin..need fewer designers...

but no, look for the high school drop out who will work for 12 to 14 $'s per hour.... yeah that will work ..


Lowes is in financial trouble. Lowes Corporate recently engaged a consulting firm in Atlanta, GA to tell them how to make changes to save the company, Conner Partnership Consulting.

If you look at this firms website you will see that these guys are responsible for what we are being asked to swallow. Looking at all of the factors; buying out upper management contracts, hiring a consuling firm, cutting commissions, changing employee policy, etc.

These are signs that Lowes is in trouble. The smart employees will be leaving this place.


im a kitchen and bath specialist. i brought over 20 years exp to lowes..

ive now been with lowes for near 9 years.. i felt i had the best job in the world... much better than when i had my own showroom... oh there was always something to *** about like opening the store at 630am..

always thinking "who the *** will come in at this time to have me design a kitchen... even more so when the economy went into the dump. im like most others ,,, my thoughts are different... lowes

still will be a great job....

for the trainee, ive long passed that ive looked around at our kitchen designers.. maybe one in 10 could call themselves a kitchen designer... kitchen specialist dont make a kitchen designer.. what lowes should do is reward the KITCHEN DESIGNERS THEY HAVE...

surround them with a few csa's and realize what they have... as far as profits the csa's lowes will train will never compare to the experienced trades people they have working for them. and it is a joke to think that line they call margin will improve... let me give u and example,,, a kitchen designed will all pull outs, drawer bases, all wood construction, furniture base islands, recessed toe kicks, multi color kitchens, glaze finishes, as almost all of mine were will have a nice profitable margin...

that csa's will most likely not care if u have a margin cause his $12 salary will not excite him... and he will take the easiest route.... be smart pull ur real pros aside and not only commission them pay them like the outside world does which is around 40% or the profit... equal to 10% of the sale.

that makes that $40000 sale look good in the designers pocket.... look for designers real designers... not someone who dont understand cabinetry... now u are offering to pay for the so called specialists to go become NKBA..

first they nees 7 years exp...

then guess what when they become certified they will find the $2 and hour taking him to $15... will not cmpare to the money he can make in the real world....



This truly is a WT F moment. I understand why they are doing it, I just do not think it is a good idea. What Andrew fails to see is that the employees that can leave and get gainful employment in these times are the employees Lowe's should hope to keep. The ones that will stay are the one that can't leave and they are generally substandard.

As an example: lets say Adam is an appliance specialist. Appliance specialists are required to have a professional appearance as well as attitude. They need to manage their customers daily and let me tell you... it is not always an easy task. Adam most likely has a college education (three out of four of us do in my store)and makes $10 - $11 p/hr. If he is directly responsible for $1,000,000 in sales p/yr( is most likely 50 - 100% more). Lowe's would before reward this person with less than $20,000 before. A company that had 49 Billion in sales in 2010 FY is going to save less that .1% on the backs of their employees. Of course lowe's is not publishing the savings, so I am doing some fuzzy math to get to my figures, but I think it is pretty close. It is certainly not more than .2%.

Thanks Lowe's! You greedy butt wipes can't figure a way to squeeze any more savings from China so your returning to the good ole USA to squeeze your own employees!


My customer asked me if I earned commission - I told him "NO - Not ANYMORE" He thought it was wrong that they took away our commissions. He voiced his concerns to the big bad store manager.

The manager called me into a closed door meeting to "YELL" at me & tell me that I COULD NOT tell any more customers that my commissions were taken away. WHY NOT??? It was the truth! I know why they do not want us to tell - because anyone that has a sales job or a commission based job or a job with a bonus structure my be inclined to not purchase from Lowes since they do not provide sales incentives to their employees.

I am looking into a law suit against the actions by the manager. I was threatened, intimidated and very upset by his actions. I feel it was sexual harassment and imtimidation that he used against me. SO way to go Lowes - I QUIT & am glad to be in the 30 of the people you expected to loose!

Your store windows and doors will be boarded up in a few years and the parking lots will be empty. Then all you little men that call yourselves managers with stinky unwashable ugly red vests will have a hard time trying to get a REAL management job - since you really have never been trained to be a manager - it takes more than running around reading off yesterday's sales and todays goals!


I do not agree with Andrew Ferrell's comments. As an x Lowe's department manager who was constantly pulled on the carpet for selling too much (my job was supposed to be only stocking, ordering, and merchandising - all of which was always completed), I agree with others that this is just another move to lower payroll and reward corporate with short-term gains.

I was a Lowes for 6 years as department manager and worked in a department (Millwork)that always comp'ed year-to-year.

I laso helped customers all over the store and helped other departments. I suspect that because I had max-ed out in my pay grade, and also pulled in large commissions I simply became too expensive on the payroll.

I was replaced by a 23 year old who knew nothing about our product or how to manage, but he cost about 1/2 of what I was making.

I'm happy now at Sears where I have been for 6 months and where my sales skills are rewarded (my income is back to what it was at Lowes). I urge others at Lowes now to look for companies who will treat them fairly.


To the writer of this blog.

I am glad you paid your order so your sales person will get their extra pay. Sadly if you choose to boycott Lowes it also effects the employee you care about.

Lost sales will result in payroll cuts. Perhaps she will be terminated before long. I appriciate your anger and you being a customer shouts volumes to the upper management. However as a 12 year employee.

Specialist. I do hope you remember the people your shopping with us helps. On a side note lowes did compensate us 50% of what we made last year.

They did not have to do this. If it was all greed they would have told us to pound sand.....


Can't we all just get along. Lowe's is trying to get rid of the higher paid employees to make room for the lower paid less knowledgeable one's.

Lowe's is striving to jump ahead in tech. and thinks customers will like getting their info from an iphone or computer.

Think about it pay all employees at a low rate, keep all commissions, this will easily make up the difference in what they will lose. Welcome to LOWESMART.


Not sure what happened to the 2 billion profit that Lowes made last year. Did someone buy another plane or maybe take the board of directors on a shopping spree?

I guess the CEO decided he needed another fancy ride. Did you know that over five years he will make 29.5 million dollars? How does the pay scale work at Lowes? This is a great way to lose hundreds of employees who have served the company for many years.

Awesome job Lowes! Hope your stock tanks after I sell all my shares!!


I am a flooring specialist with over 25 yrs experience in all aspects of flooring, i used to like working at LOWES however i have been looking elswhere for about the last 6 months. The treatment of the employees by LOWES is deplorable thats why I have decided to move on.

I understand the "WHY" they stopped paying commissions, and it wasnt to level the playing field. The attitude towards some of the commissioned sales people is really wrong. Im sorry you have had to work with dinasours and premadonnas.

we are all very glad just to have jobs, its the attitude of a few immature associates that continue to make negative and ignorant comments about this situation thats really sad. all i can say is when LOWES makes its next financial move I hope you are not affected by it like the commisioned sales people have been, your attitude will be much different i,m sure, but i wont be around to be affected :)


I work at Lowes also and am glad the spiff program is gone. It levels the playing field.

We have some guys in appliances and flooring who are evil *** and yell at you to get out of thier dept. Ive sold just about everything there and done lots of SOS for some extra $$.

I dont count on a spiff as my income. Its so nice that the dbags are all humbled.


In a true sales culture the sales people are always rewarded.Obviously Lowes is no longer a sales culture.The future results will back up what Im talking about.The real problem with Lowes is they keep these stores open way too late.Every store in the system should lock up by 8 pm.It would also be nice if we had product on the shelves to actually sell instead of bare shelves.These are two major problems that could be fixed quickly.You can bet if Bob Tillman were still pushing buttons this would not have happened.I wonder if its more than a coincidence that some of these high level people are leaving or is it maybe they dont agree with bob niblocks methods either.Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I am a appliance employee. I stock freight help in other depts and and can proudly say everyone that has ever worked with me would say I am one of the hardest working, knowledgeable, and team players they've ever worked with.

The point is I can and do do each one of your jobs. I can use any service tool in any of your departments. Which one of you can design a kitchen? Ask yourself?

If you answer yes I wish you could show me! I am talking to csa's specialist (other than appl/cabinets) dept manager, asm's, store manager etc... no you can't! I can or at least I did.

Lowes you just made me a 9U to 5u kinda guy. I went from staying after my shift, coming in on days off, making house calls to hitting the door when my shifts over. The head people in this company need to get their head out there *** and realize how much extra people like me actually did. But they'll find out when Appliances and cabinet totals end up in the sewer this year!

Hey trust me nay Sayers. You will soon get your chance for one of those jobs because us that have them would rather have yours. Have fun learning your lesson.

Idiots. I'm just hoping my severance package comes soon!


I know we have to work in the same store....unless this is every store in the company. I have to shut off plumbings call buttons constantly while they are sneaking into our dept and I am already double stacked with customers myself


I was sticking up for you....I guess if you want to join Lowes employees side after he bashed you go ahead. Yes I was one of the ones that made 22k in spiffs. I came in on days off, I answer my phone at all odd hours to help find product and answer delivery questions. Some of the shady stuff I had to do to protect my spiff was insane. Now that is gone. I never stated I will not help my customers. It is not their fault that Lowes did this to us. As far as stocking shelves, my freight is done by 10 along with me usually helping a nearby dept finish theirs.

I have worked in my dept for 8 years and love what I did, now I plan to just show up and do whatever I can do in those 8 hours helping people or stocking shelves and get out. No more staying late, no more taking lunches at odd hours to be available for customers. No more working through holidays and being away from my family.

Just imagine in one day you make 5.50 less an those who do not believe in these spiffs. Try to pay your bills and provide for your kid with this instant change.