Toledo, Ohio

As of Saturday Lowes is taking all these hard working folks and telling them that as of

Saturday, Feb.11, they will no longer receive any commissions on any sales!!! They dont make lots anyway.

I have a job ordered at Lowes and went in and paid the dang thing off just so the person that

helped me so much could get her due commission.

I will never shop at Lowes again and hope that folks that are dealing with these cretons cease and desist from shopping at Lowes. Also these employees received three days notice on this- uncaring selfish -

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There is no plan to pass the savings on to consumers--we have had our pay decreased to make more profit for the company. Period.

I will no longer give exceptional service, as I will make the same amount whether I work hard or do the minimum.

I have been a loyal emplowee, but it is a 2 way street. Lowes has once again proven that their employees who make their sales are considered worthless.


what a lot of you don't realize is that our hourly wage was relatively low because of the spiffs we could make. now, lowes is taking away the comm/spiffs & refusing to increase our pay.

i have been with lowes for 14 years & sell 3/4 million dollars of special order, high margin product every year. i will still do my job as well as i can because i know how hard it is to find a new one BUT this was a seriously unethical & callous decision. three days notice to except a 10%-30% pay decrease is insulting. i personally will be losing over $7000.00 this year & an additional $7000.00 next .

i can't work for a company that takes away $14,000 of my pay & will still give it's ceo a huge bonus. i have a family & responsibilities that aren't going to change!! so, i'm staying for the next year but will be searching for an alternate career path.

i know morale & sales will suffer because of this so i'm selling my stock in about six months. i really don't want to have anything to do with a company that treats it's employees like this.


Lowes will now unfortunately suffer from this change. No longer will specialists have the incentive to go the extra mile.

Being an average employee is easy. Busting ones behind to make the customer experience exemplary will no longer happen. I know people who personnaly made 15% of a stores monthly sales. That will no longer be the case.

History repeats itself unless one studies the past. Home depot was the best until their pay scale alterations in the late 90's. Then they tanked in sales. I was there.

25 to 30 dollar positions went away and customer satisfaction went in the toilet.

I hope Lowes management is looking forward to losing their positions. Have fun!


Andrew - Hugo Chavez could use a *** like you


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.


Like many. I've traditionally preferred Lowes.

But with this latest move I think their CEO and his management team have proven their unworthiness. The CEO pay gap in our culture is way too large.