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I went to Lowe's at 701 NW Saint Lucie West Blvd to buy tiles, thin set, and grout to tile my master suite. I asked the man at the desk in the flooring dept which is his lowest priced tile per sq ft.

He didn't stop looking at his cellphone to take me to it, he just said, "it's over there" and told me the name of it. Well he was wrong, the first one I looked at was priced much lower and he didn't even know it. So why does he deserve commission on a sale? Then when my installer showed up to help me he wrote the numbers and took me to the front to make purchase, then the unhelpful employee had the audacity to complain to me that he didn't get the sale commission since I went up front.

The 2 men in that dept had bad attitudes toward me the whole time after I called them out on not knowing their job. I would never hire them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lowe’s doesn’t pay commission. They stopped paying commissions about five years ago.

The experienced specialists have gone to greener pastures. You are left with mostly inexperienced $10-$11 part-timers and temps.

You will find that is the case in all “Big Box” retailers. If you want quality products with excellent and experienced customer service, then quit being so cheap and pay the price and shop at your locally owned independent store.


He didn't get the commission, so you did good. What else is there to say?

Stop while you're ahead. I never ask one of the store workers for help, for I'm more knowledgable than any idiot that works there, and that's not saying much.


Maybe you should apply to work there and teach all the "idiots" your advanced knowledge!