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I am an ex employee of Lowe's I worked there for well over a year and put in a lot of time and effort. I took my job seriously and went out of my way to prove that. I came to work sick with the flu or any other illness and waited until i was sent home verses calling in to work.

The time where I had to call and not be at work for a few days was when I had gone to the doctors after acquiring a head injury. I came back to work a few days later with my doctors note that I handed to HR i worked that day and the next day and got fired a few days later for absenteeism. even though I had a doctors note the store manager told me it didnt matter.

I was out with a head injury did they seriously think that I was able to perform my daily tasks when i was constantly dizzy and blacking out ?

horrible treatment to their employees. and If i was so wrong that I got fired how come i am the only one from that store who had fired who was approved for un employment??? no one else got it in that store the hr manager prides herself in fighting unemployment but they knew they were wrong and didnt fight me

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I just resigned after PT Lowes for 15 months.@ Sandy Springs, Ga. The store manager--openly ***--& cast of managers--senior Stock Boys--tone & attitude toward associates was terrible.

They were arrogant, no help most of the time & talked to you like you were an ***.

The work load has become total Daily Beat Down with gross understaffing & people leaving.

*** barn yard Manager pushing u all the time.

Glad to be gone.


Sounds like my exact story at Lowe’s Sandy Springs, GA store. I was PT & resigned in the middle of my shift because I could not take Store Management Attitude & Tone anymore.

Management was no Help.

They displayed a care less attitude to customers & emoloyees. I worked in commercial contract biz for 36 years and was never part of the incompetence level displayed my Lowe’s Store Management.


I too was fired from Lowe's because I suffered from foot problems due to the concrete floor I had to walk on all day long in the store and had to take some time off. I mentioned this to the store manager and he stated not to worry about it and just take care of myself.

Well, the store HR lady later advise me that I would terminated for abuse of sick leave. I have retained an attorney and will see them in court soon.

I advise anyone who has been terminated from Lowe's to seek legal help. They do not follow our employment by-laws in California.


They set you up to fail. Was an Appliance Specialist for 9 years and saw this time and again.

Our HR "Manager" was worthless. She was a clerk at best. Sucked up to the Store Mgr. and did was necessary to keep the job.

Requests were usually met with rebuttal.

"Not company policy" was the favorite line.

Praises for good work were rare. Usually followed next day with something you did wrong.

The store has a tremendous pool of talent from older, experienced people and they are treated like nothing.

Always threatening the "Write up".


Working for Lowe's is like living a lie. You have to lie to the customers by pretending it's a good place to work.

Worst of all you have to lie to yourself to drag yourself out of bed and tell yourself it could be worse. Then it gets worse still. They are now considering opening on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family values or Profit?

Multiple occupations, several employers, 40 years of employment, worst job, worst company ever. Their executives should be in jail.


I worked Lowes going on 5 year at store 2624 the store.after reading this page I hadn't realize that every store is about the same. I got fired 2 week ago.

At 2624 the stock crew started work at 4am I was the only man on that shift. This shift change didn't start untill February of this year 4 out the 5 years my employment my was to unload the trucks and put up freight. The other employs had to help out when they came in. Now this was a part time job so the hours were no more than 5and a half a day.

Well the department manager complained so much till the store manager finally changed it. She hired 4 new employes to unload at night and we had to stock it from 4am to 10am. Now Thur all this I was the only man in the team of 4.I'm not saying women don't work but the camera don't lie. I worked hard every day "Mr happy go lucky" as some would say.

I was turned down on a full time unloader and full time stocker. My manager knew for shore that I would get the full time position each time I applied. The store manager both times hired some one with no experience. Thur all this I keep my head up high didn't let it bother me until I started noticing the store manager working with the females only.

See at 2624 the manager is ***. I guess I should have nown what I was getting into that day when she hired me.I always figured if u work hard ur get ahead. Well let me get back to my complait I got fired cause of my tardy I amit I was late a often o boy did the mod have a fit when I was late but let one of the females be late it was nothing. I knew then that when I wasn't there things didn't get done.

I was really shock when she terminated me. The hardest worker in receiving.

I always had a good atitude, helped everyone employes & customers I had bills and problems outside work but I lefted that home. My thing is and always be god let me wake up and gave me the ability to go to work


I worked for Llowes years ago & had no problems there. Then last year I went to work for one season again & found it had completely changed.

I got sick of all the BS I too went to eork sick with an infected tooth that had one side of my face swollen to the point one eye was swollen shut.

No manger sent me home, just rude remarks. I don't even shope there anymore.


I worked as a vendor at Lowe's for a couple of month's, 'til I couldn't stand it any longer. The managers were all total jerks. When in the break room, no one spoke more than a few words, 'cuz what you said would find its way to the top. Employees would get fired for swearing, so they'd call each other names of store managers, to get the desired effect.

One Saturday, I found some returned, used riding mowers blocking my work area. They had been sent out to a mower shop for repairs, now here they sat in my work area with dead batteries and flat tires. I asked the store manager if he wanted me to shove them outside to get them out of the way. He said fix them, then put them out front to sell at the original price. I told him Huffy's contract forbid me to make repairs on used power outdoor equipment. He blew his cork and said if I didn't have anything else to do, I could go home. No problem.

As I was shutting down my workplace computer. I notice the big man was on his cell as usual. He was over near the the electric material lifts sitting near their charging stations. All hooked up in a safety harness and latched onto the roll cage of one doodlebug, yet he unhooked the freshly charged battery and made ready the doodle bug next to the one he was tethered to. Still blabbing on his store cell, he took off full bore. Well, the cable of the safety tether soon snatched him off hard and slammed him to the concrete floor! I grabbed my sign-out sheet, walked over to the manager as he was still lying on the floor gasping for breath, and laid the paper on his chest and said, "Since you're the 'Manager-On-Deck', would you be so kind to my work-log." Then I just left him there with his wind knocked out. Another employee witnessed the whole incident and stood their in disbelief. I told him he'd better go tend to his boss, he told me he was on break.

The following Tuesday was my next work day. As I tried to make it to my work area, I saw that it was crammed full of all sorts of merchandise and mowers. I grabbed a doodle bug and plowed it into the mess, shoving it 'til I made *** big enough to get to my tools and my phone. I called my boss and told him what had happened and quit my job.


lol, love it


funny story, thanks.


I too was hurt on April of this year. After 2 months, Lowes workers comp denied my claim, saying i was hurt over a year ago.

I was, LIFTING WATER HEATERS FOR LOWES!!!!. I was also refused right to have specialist of my choice examine me. Now as a consumer, after seasonal department manager told me to return and get exchange on pressure washer I purchased, Lowes admin manager at this store refused to honor the decision of the department manager and said it would have to be sent for repairs. IT WORKED ONLY 1 TIME!!!!!!!!



Dont get hurt on the job at Lowes. they wont pay.

Hurt my back at work they lied said not work related. *** holes.


Lowes is totally corporate BS. they play favoritism, ASM's and all managers come and go as they please, but no one else can.

They pile up more work than you can handle. No matter how much you do it is never enough.

They complment you but tell you need to do better and more, raises dont exist and SSEI is never the full amount. Cant wait to leave Lowes....


You got that right!!! I put in 12 years and got the shaft, new store manager brought in one of his yes men from the store he came from.

No matter what you do it is not good enough. I was a loyal hard working department manager for many years never a problem in the 7 store managers before all liked what I was doing then this guy writes me up for poor job performance!!

I left said the *** with them and am better for it.


after 10.5 years with the company and 5 stores, i can say if you got fired, you MESSED UP, i have seen SO MANY PEOPLE that should have gotten fired, but didnt because they didnt officially "break" a lowe's rule. i have been sexually harassed and had friends harassed but because it wasnt on camera and it was my word against his, and THAT dude still works there.... you obviously *** up!!!!!!!!!!!!


I worked for Lowes from 2007 to 2012, like everyone there I worked far and beyond my position. I went from being a loader to being on delivery I personally trained 2 generations of delivery drivers for that store not mention in dealing with some of the most problematic customers they had there with extreme professionalism.

I was always the last one to leave when it came to trying to get all the deliveries done while others tried to get out of work. Lowe's management system is terrible we had a good store manager at one point then we get some egotistical meat-head that only talks to good looking women and will pretty much ignore all other customers. Whenever our team was having problems he would simply compare them to his own without seeing any thought of compromise.I was given a special position in delivery by the previous manager and while I wasn't delivery MGR I it was my job to take over for him when he wasn't around.

Close to the end of july I was riding with one of our drivers when he sideswiped a crepe myrtle and broke the mirror of the truck I told him to report it in which in turn he wrote a note and left it for our supervisor in the morning come to find out next morning our Supervisor is up in arms about him leaving a note even though he had did it before and left a note about it stating his statement on what happened and they happily accepted it. Thanks to that I got put on final notice for being in the truck with him when it happened and then 2 months later I get conveniently fired for a few late-ins that were never addressed before by my store manager right before the 90 day final notice period ended.


I worked for Lowes from 2000 to 2013 on 1/23/2013 I was fired attendance I put in some hard work and made them lots of money I went form being a delivery driver to the department manager 4 51/2 years the store I came from was a good one but the one I transferred to was fup from the day t I started. Theer the reason.

transferred they opened a store not far from my house I went from 86miles to just 36 miles the store they call the 2220 all my friends use to ask me if they were hiring.

I would tell them yes but ones I got to the new store I was like no u don't want to work for Lowes I wish I had never transferred from the one I started at I'm glad that I was fired now I don't have to fill like I'm walking on eggshell anymore and I fell for the ones that are still working there they tell me that they are sorry I tell them don't be sorry be glad I don't have to put up with the *** anymore and. now I can take the vacation with my family always dreamed of ill be getting my 401 from there and ill be good till I find me something else.


i worked at a lowes somewhere in az first it was wondeful the store manager was cool about almost everything i knew i was in the right spot when even he would go out there to get carts or even clean the bathroom..dont know much about how the system works but some how he got fired and then *** rolled down hill,one of the *** asm was left with whatever the *** was going on and i guess it was too much for him cause he was stressing out about everything and he was easily confused by *** stuff i think he is mentally challenged cause *** just stare at you when you asked him something and say "WHAT" with that *** look on his face that only he can do. but everyone there was lazy as *** besides the guy who trained me and one of the co-workers that basically only him and me would carry the whole work load , every one else dragged their lazy *** the whole dam time getting a free paycheck wasting the companys time just showing how much of a *** they were,for the most part there are several sales associates who arent worth a dam for example islg costumer rep. that starts with a "i' now hes in plbf ..every one that worked with him says hes a lazy piece of *** ,and he is sorry excuse for a person...besides him and maybe two other *** every one else handled their ***,i hated working at this sorry excuse for a store and i hope all the scubags get fired and to hire some one who actually wants to work..f#$ck lowes!!!!!!!!!!!


OSHA needs to step in and speak to lowes, employes needs resources to their jobs, we need gloves, back-belts, eye and ear protection, lowes spray paint their beans during the day with customers around inside the building, no mask for the psa, treated lumber needs to be kept outside the store not inside, saw-dust is not contained, employes using power equipment without proper training, corporate was inform about this and they chose to keep quite

@not a safe environment to work

Not sure about ur store. But we have always been required to wear all forms of protection, or else risk termination.

Also, as of Dec 2012.

No aerosol as allowed at all.