Killeen, Texas

I purchased a Husqvarna mower in Oct 2013, it came with a three year warranty, I purchased Lowes 4 year extended warranty at $300.00. In June 0f 2014 with less than 7 hours on the mower, it died and would not turnover.

I called Lowes for warranty service and had it picked up for repair. When I got it back the bill was handed to me, it stated bad gas. I was advised to use a fuel stabilizer. Wait a minute, it went to the shop because it would not turn over, how does it now become a bad gas issue, especially since it died when I was using the gas they claim is bad.

Anyway the 2nd time I used it, it started to sputter, choke and backfire. I called Lowes again and I told them specifically I wanted someone who was factory certified to work on the mower. ( The first time the repair was not a factory approved facility, and according to Husqvarna warranty, repair at a facility not approved voids the warranty) Lowes could not get the mower to a repair shop for 6 weeks. I went to Lowes and spoke to the assistant manager, he offered to swap out the mower with a new one, I agreed, by this time 10 months have gone by since the purchase of the mower, he did not have to do this since the receipt clearly states returns accepted up to 30 days for mowers.

Of course I lost the cost of the extended warranty. Lowes wanted me to purchase another extended warranty. I did not. But this time I had learned that buying an extended warranty at $300.00 for 4 more years is a real shame.

First all Husqvarna mowers come with a three year parts and labor warranty. During the first 3 years of a Lowes warranty, if the unit needs repair, Husqvarna is still paying for the repairs, and all the extended warranty is doing is providing transportation to and from repair. It is not until the 4th year that Lowes actually picks up the cost of any repair. The warranty is designed for Lowes to make money, and considering how many people ( myself included ) that made the mistake of purchasing such a warranty they are making a lot pure Profit for doing nothing, but selling a piece of paper.

Consider buying your own trailer, at Tractor supply cost a small trailer cost $455.00 its yours to keep, and you can use it for anything. Of course Lowes is not the only big box store that does this, Sears, Home depot they all do this . The problem is no one especially the register clerk even knows what they are selling, just that they are told to push extended warranty sales.

And the biggest problem no one explains what the warranty really covers. The consumer gets screwed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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