San Diego, California

Poor Service. I am now 2 months into getting my Washing Machine Fixed.

I have the extended warranty and it has been an absolute waste of time. 1) Filled out Extended Warranty on line, no response. 2) Go into store, they put me in touch with person online (Good) set up a new time( 2 days to wait, Good), but I am not contacted by that said company until they are @ my door step, but I find out Lowes had my number wrong. 3) Seems I pissed that said company off for not having some one home.

4) Reschedule, give info on error message, brand of washing machine (Samsung) and serial number 5) Service guy comes to house and confesses that he knows nothing about Samsung, but will have to research machine after confirming error 6) unfortunately can get the machine to get error, yet I told him it needs to take a little while and will show it self. 7) Service guy leaves, machines get error and need to start again 8) Call Lowes get another service guy out, beg with Lowes to send a company on list that is has been certified by Samsung (Can be done on Samsung's site in 1 minute) 9) They send out a new company that has know idea how to service See note 6) This time error occurs, service guy unplugs machine, plugs machine back in and it goes away, says fixed, yet we plead with him we already did this to no avail. 10) Goes away, 5 minutes after we get error. 11) call back and he needs to order part 12 ) we are know waiting for part from Lowes to be delivered.

.............. My opinion is that extended warranties are a rip off and only add to the pockets of those at the top.

It would be better to hold that money in a trust until the product breaks. That way to can get a reputable company out to fix your product instead of the contract person that works out of their house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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just bought a lawnmower, and to make a long story short, lows took about 3 months to replace it. in the meantime, i had to pay to get my lawn cut.


Retail contracts have NEVER included loss of service clauses. Plus, these contracts have NEVER had guarantees of service efficiency or time frames.

Just not worth the stress.

Especially if you knew of the actual reasons for the delay. Retail consumer contracts are NEVER consumer friendly.


Gary-- Paso Robles, Calif.

Bought a lawn mower-Troybuilt-$362 with Lowes protection Plan

on 5-7-13. On October 8, 2013 it quit running while cutting

the grass. Could not turn over engine. They now say warranty is

no good. I must pay $140.00 to fix it. My advise, never buy

anything from Lowes and expect to have it covered by the warranty.

Better yet don't buy anything from Lowes.


Troybuilt comes with a 2-year warranty. You purchased an additional year or two only. ("3" or "4") year plan. Why? The plan does NOT take liability under mfr warranty. The terms and conditions tell it all, if not deceptively and in mouse print. IF any reason for failure in any year is deemed to be "user error," you're SOL. This includes anything related to gas, charging, oil, etc. Plan also excludes all other maintenance items such as belts, oil issues, blades, filter, etc. Buyer beware is the rule, and the law.

Plus, the mfrs "dealers" are usually not part the "extended" network.

BTW, Mowers motors last 10 years with proper maintenance.


All I need is an agitator, never heard of one breaking, but this one did..Two and a half weeks to get someone out to look at the problem and tell me what it is. Won't send me one, have to have a "specialist" tell me it's broke.What a joke..last extended warranty i'll ever buy. Guess now that i've made everyone mad, including the guy who couldn't speak english, i'll probably never get it fixed!


I too am a Lowes customer, who purchased a Samsung washer and dryer April 2010. Dryer went out a week ago.

Immediately contacted Lowes Extended Warranty Service, waited for a week for a service person to come out and do a diagnostic check of my dryer that was blowing cold air. I knew that the part needed would be a heating element, but he didn't have the part and said he would have to order it. Meanwhile, I still have clothes that I cannot wash - family of five with two young children. Contacted Warranty Customer Service again to file a complaint and also got someone who did'nt care whether my dryer was ever fixed or if I even had one.

Also lost a whole day due to this matter.

Don't think that I will ever purchase another extended warranty and maybe not even major appliances from Lowes. :(


Purchasing lowes extended warranty was a waste of money! I will never again purchase anything from these *** We purchased a fridge a few years back and got the extended warranty (HUGE mistake) about a year ago we started having problems with the freezer so we called lowes and they had a company (mr appliance) come to fix it....

They "fixed" it but nothing changed, our freezer still didn't work. We called lowes again and it took them forever to get the appliance company to come out again. Long story short, the appliance company came out several times for almost a year but never managed to resolve the issue. Well in the middle of lowes not doing anything about it my warranty expired and now they've left me hanging.

They had another company come out to look at it and when the company called them with an 800 estimate, lowes advised them to leave because my warranty was expired!!! No ***! They knew it was expired before they sent them out! That was the whole point of them hiring a different company...

Because mr appliance couldn't fix it. DONT SHOP AT LOWES


All I can say to this is every customer I haved sold appliances to have given me outstanding reports on the extended warrenties.


All I can say is I am on my 10th repair service for my washer and dryer with Lowe's. 3 times I have taken off work and they have no show no called.

Ordering the wrong part seems to be their specialty.

I will never again as much as buy a pack of gum for Lowe's. Unbelievable!!!!!!


We bought a whirpool dishwasher from you inn 4/2010. We purchased the extended warranty; it started rusting on the front in 12/2011.

I called and was scheduled with All Valley appliance, they called to confirm my appointment and had a different time that I was given by lowes, they were rude and could not give me a time that worked with me. I called lowes back and was given a time with Active appliance, they did the same thing. They were so rude. I googled both companies and they had some really bad reviews.

I called back and was given an appointment with General Appliance. They again called me and gave me a different time. I rearranged my schedule to fit the appointment, the night before they left a message at 5:30 changing my time, they didn’t ask if it was okay, just that they were coming in the afternoon instead of the morning. I tried calling back put was hung up on several times.

I left a message with the company and no one called me back in the morning, I called was told it was an emergency and so I again rearranged my schedule to accommodate them. The guy showed up took a quick look and took a picture; he was at my house a total of 2 minutes. I tried talking to him but I could hardly understand a word he was saying. He threw a paper at me with the company number and told me to call them.

I called and was told it had to be authorized. This was on 2/3, I called on 2/15 and was told it was not covered. I asked why didn’t call me and was told it was not there responsibly to call me. They were so rude!

I am so frustrated everyone I have talked to has been so rude and acted like they were doing me a huge favor by coming to my house.

I called Lowes and was told it was not covered. I have looked at all my paper work and it does not say that this is not cover. I was told when we bought it that it coved everything!

The tech never even opened the dishwasher to see why it’s rusting.

They are sending a second tech out to look at it. We are getting ready to replace out fridge and oven and we will not be buying whirpool and we will not be shopping at Lowes!


Our washer failed in mid November and the Lowes vendor, Universal TV Techs has not been able to fix it in two tries. We are now scheduled for a third attempt next week. The washer will have been broken for 6 weeks at that time.

Lowes extended service department doesn't care and their vendor is rude and has no concern.


I purchased a Sumsung front loading Dryer from Lowes 2 yrs ago. I have the 4 yr extended warranty. The dryer suddenly stopped heating.

Monday: I called the warranty number, they said no one is in our area to service the dryer, said they will call back next day.

Tuesday: They called me, said they can send someone next Monday! A whole week??? I told them that is unacceptable. So I called the Lowes store where I bought the dryer. They agree that I should have service in 2-3 days at most. They tell me there is another service center in my area. I call the warranty number again, tell the what my Lowes store said. They say they will investigate this other service and call me back next day.

Wednesday: Warranty calls me back, they can't use the service that Lowes suggested, I will have to wait til Monday.

I would NEVER buy another warranty from Lowes, Never!


I have had numerous problems with Lowes stores where I bought an item and each time I have had to go online and file complaints with the corporate office in order to get anything done. I highly recommend that if the store does not listen to you, go online and write your complaint at their corporate office,they will contact the store and get the problem resolved for you.


@Anonymous & @ D.C. - Extended warranty plan administrator makes agreements with repair services who accept their fees, not necessarily the best, the qualified or the fastest. You're better off saving the money and going through the mfr yourself if you ever have an issue.


What a terrible customer service problem! I have a Samsung refrigerator less than two years old.

It developed a sudden water leak from inside th cabinet, flooding the kitchen. I called the extended warranty number and was told that no service available for a week. I objected to the long time with a non-functioning refrigerator. Mwas told that they would look for another repair service and call back.

Called next day ad gave appointment for following day. I called service vendor and was told that no appointment existed and that soonest would be a week or more.

extended warranty company is terrible. Lowes customer care hasn't offered any other solutions.


Not ideal, but Lowes does recognize that when they sell products that fail the customer expects some recourse to be available to them from the store that sold them the product. The cost of an extended warranty doubles the warranty time and the product can be replace at the local store no questions asked.

Certainly better than Home Depot. Home Depot current store policy is any customer who has a problem and that product is covered by a warranty they are directed to that vendor. The local store will do nothing and cannot do nothing. This has resulted in a flood of HD customers complaints being posted on the web - what else can they do?

Recently HD response to the flood of bad publicity has resulted in a "SocialTeam". Customer Service surfs the web and posting the message "I would like to look into this for you as soon as possible. If you could email me, with your contact and information, I can assist. Thank you in advance - Social Media Resolution Expediter, Home Depot ." When you do contact them them, they give you the email address of the vendor.

Which is exactly what the local store did. THAT IS ALL THEY DO. HD what is wrong with you?

I speak from costly hard learned experience at Home Depot. I recommend you just pay Lowe's extended warranty, it is better than what the other store is going to do for you.


Lowes is now selling their own extended warranties because of the bad customer service from their previous warranty company. The reason why the previous company is so bad is because a few years ago they stopping using good service centers and started using the cheapest technicians they could find.

I heard they use the same service center that is owned by Sears so I think it's funny the previous post says that Sears is good and this one is bad when they are the same company. At least Lowes cares enough about their customers to not renew their contract with the bad extended warranty.


Lowes repair service is not good, and not worth paying for. Home Depot is bad too.

In my experience, the only appliance warranty repair service that's any good is Sears - it's far from perfect, but they have a real service organization with trained techs and supplies of parts. If you can get the same deal at Sears, buy from them for the warranty service


Had a bad experience with the extended protection plan with them too. They had someone come out only to have them tell me while something is wrong with the machine they can't tell what - so they can't fix it.

Lowes response was they could send someone else out - but if the same thing happens again I have to pay for the service call.


We have been very pleased with the Lowe's service on their Extended Protection Plan. We have had two occassions to file claims.

Both were handled quickly, efficiently, and with no hassles. We will continue to buy the Plans when we purchase from Lowe's.