San Diego, California

Poor Service. I am now 2 months into getting my Washing Machine Fixed.

I have the extended warranty and it has been an absolute waste of time. 1) Filled out Extended Warranty on line, no response. 2) Go into store, they put me in touch with person online (Good) set up a new time( 2 days to wait, Good), but I am not contacted by that said company until they are @ my door step, but I find out Lowes had my number wrong. 3) Seems I pissed that said company off for not having some one home.

4) Reschedule, give info on error message, brand of washing machine (Samsung) and serial number 5) Service guy comes to house and confesses that he knows nothing about Samsung, but will have to research machine after confirming error 6) unfortunately can get the machine to get error, yet I told him it needs to take a little while and will show it self. 7) Service guy leaves, machines get error and need to start again 8) Call Lowes get another service guy out, beg with Lowes to send a company on list that is has been certified by Samsung (Can be done on Samsung's site in 1 minute) 9) They send out a new company that has know idea how to service See note 6) This time error occurs, service guy unplugs machine, plugs machine back in and it goes away, says fixed, yet we plead with him we already did this to no avail. 10) Goes away, 5 minutes after we get error. 11) call back and he needs to order part 12 ) we are know waiting for part from Lowes to be delivered.

.............. My opinion is that extended warranties are a rip off and only add to the pockets of those at the top.

It would be better to hold that money in a trust until the product breaks. That way to can get a reputable company out to fix your product instead of the contract person that works out of their house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I am three months into an Electrolux dryer repair with the "so called Extended Warranty co" from Lowes. Spent a fortune on High End Washer and Dryer from them.

8 visits , more than that many parts ordered and installed and finally escalated to the store and the corp Execs. Asked to have the machine replaced and was denied. All of the people at the store are great but they are helpless when it comes to getting results from the Warranty co, its a different company. FYI...Lowes has fired this current Warranty co recently and plans to take it elsewhere,(but has not done so yet) so we are victems of this change over.

Im dumping my year old $1500 dryer back on the door step of the store and buying another one elsewhere.

The 8, four hour windows ive waited over the past three months and the dryer not working have cost me more than that already. Beware if you buy an extended warranty at Lowes.