Detroit, Michigan
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July 28, 2011 water heater stopped running. Called Lowes 1-877-817-6750 and by August 3 received word that the unit would be repaired by a local company.

After no service I called that company (3 times) and they stated that they were no longer working for Lowes. I had to start over again.

Today, August 9, Lowes called and said they are sorry but they have no one living in my area (population 425,790) who provides service. They will ATTEMPT resolution within 3-5 biz days.

IF this works we have been without hot water for 14 to 18 days (or more). I paid $59.97 for this warranty!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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The company that sold you the warranty is "NEW." If they can't repair the unit because they can't get someone, they have an obligation to replace it with a gift card. Your plan covers the plumber's expense.

It appears as though the local plumbers are not being paid enough money by NEW. Email if you get no action.