was told after two years that I had exhausted my 5 years worth of warranty. That the $ amount allocated was used up.

It had been in the service center 5 times and each time it was there between 6 weeks and 3 months. This is crazy! They said that they could setup service, but that I would be paying the bill. They won't replace the $1500 mower because I got a military discount when they sold it to me; and they won't honor their warranty ???

At first the store manager said that my name wasn't in his book and that he had been there for 5 years and that my mower had never been serviced. Then, the real manager called and explained the warranty issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #726433

Lots of ignorance happening here. Extended Warranties do not start until the manufacture warranty expires. Learn your lesson do not buy extended warranties they are 100% profit to the store.

Bixby, Oklahoma, United States #725718

Extended warranty is total from Lowes. Do not get suckered into purchasing.

I purchased a three year extended warranty and get told that the extended warranty runs in conjunction with the manufacturer warranty. So in actuality it really was only a one year extended warranty as the manufacturer covered the first two years of repair. They gave some non sense that they cover cost the manufacturer does not. that it not true the purchase I have is from a respected manufacturer and if the equipment broke due to something they were at fault for they covered all costs to get it fixed.

What is even more funny is that on a cheaper purchase I was told I had to use manufacturer for repairs as the warranty did not start until after manufacturer warranty expired.

Funny how that applies when convenient to Lowes. Shop anywhere but this farce of a company.

to never at lowes #729189

actually if you buy an extended warranty it's supposed to run AFTER the manufacturer's runs out. at least that's how it is here with Home Depot.

so if you buy a 2 or 3 year warranty that's what you get but only AFTER whatever the manufacturer's is runs out. now with your example of having purchased a 3 year extended warranty that indeed should have started AFTER the manufacturer's runs out. this is in no way Lowes fault unfortunately it is your own ignorance in being sold something you frankly do not need. as stated above it's pure profit for the store.

yes many times people get them and get the value for them but many also get them, never register and/or never need them so it's all $$$ in the company's coffers.

also to another point. manufacturer's warranties in many cases only cover manufacturer's defects and parts only in many cases there too. not normal wear and tear abuse/misuse/neglect/etc. also whenever you buy ANYTHING look for the warranty info in the packaging.

there should be a warranty info packet/flyer and a warranty registration card in most cases too.

if not contact the manufacturer for this info. some need to stop placing the blame on the retailer as they have no control over what the manufacturer does/doesn't cover and need to take responsibility in their own purchasing decisions.

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