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I purchased an expensive Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and an Extended Warranty to go with it. A few month ago i call Lowes because the dishwasher was not cleaning the dishes and was making unusual noises.

They sent a guy from a company they subcontract, whose name I do not remember. This repair person came in looked at the machine, turned it on and off and in 5 minutes declared there is nothing wrong with it. A few months past and the dishwasher stopes working all together. I called LOWES again and requested repair.

This time the sub-contractor was "a&e factory services". That was 3 weeks ago. A person did come over and took the door off. I sat with him while he stumbled thru his diagnosis.

He determined the pump needed to be replaced and ordered one on the spot. ups would deliver in 2 days to my home. Before he left he tried to put the door back on the machine unsuccessfully. I stepped in and suggested that he put back the 2 plastic parts that he thought was garbage.

Obviously I was right and I helped him put the door back on. No parts were ever delivered. I got 3 different stories from 3 customer service operators. All contradictory, part was delivered, part was shipped yesterday and part is shipping within 24hrs.

Lowes refuses to assign anyone else for the repair.


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AGAIN! Lowes warranty do not do what they are suppose to do!

We called almost 4 weeks ago to use our warranty to get our ice machine fixed on our whirlpool refrigerator fixed. It took the warranty company 8 days to find some one to come out and fix it. This guy was 120 miles away and has every excuse in the book why he can't make it. First he had to order part and then it was back ordered.

He told us a total of 5 times he was coming to the house and never showed up. This last time we called the warranty number and they told us he was in the area and would be there shortly....... @ 9:00 pm... They said they would have someone call us in 3 working days, I refused to do this another 3 days and had them call on Monday.

They called...... This is the real kicker.... She told us that it had been going on to long and we would have to get our own repair man and pay him and they would reimburse us for the work only!!!!! The mileage would be on us!!!!!

This is not the first time we have been screwed by Lowes warranties. And by the way the warranty still has a year left on it.

I am sick and tired of being ripped off by warranties from Lowes!


Shoot - it's none of those things.

Call a priest - the dang thing's possessed!!


The EPP is not a scam, however it is very flawed. I also recently called for service only to have both Lowes and the Subcontractor perform less than par.

My mower is a lemon and I paid $1700+ for this lemon. It has many issues and is constantly a thorn in my side. Even their policy states after four exact issues they will replace the mower entirely; they have failed to do so. I have been given the run around by Lowes and their customer service third party persons.

I have filed a small claims suit against Lowes. My state allows me to recover up to three times the lost amount up to $6000. Look into the laws of your state. It is very expensive for a company to pay their attorneys to go to court. They usually settle out of court due to the expense.

Unfortunately you have to threaten to take them to court. Being an attorney I always keep detailed records about each call, who I talked to and what time. I have estimated that I will be getting about $4786 back due to their flawed system. Hopefully this will encourage Lowes to make their EPP process much more effective and easier for customers. But more than likely it will only cause them to either remove it entirely or make it more expensive.


Dear ex-employee ***, the money does not go to the store manager...yes it is profit, but it isnt like the manager walks out with the cash....your an ***.


If you ever have a problem no matter how small the situation, call the customer care line,,Store management fear these people and you will get answers immediately,,if you dont call customer care,,they will just waste ur time with bs promisses


all the money from the lowes EPP (extended protection plan) goes to the store manager, useless to the consumer,never ever get the epp,,ur only paying the store manager,,employees also get a (SPIFF) or commission on EPP sales