Oak Park, Illinois
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Purchased as whirpool freezer at lowes with an extended warrenty. The freezer broke three times in 7 months.Lowes extended warrenty covers food loss of 250.00 per episode ,It took me 6 months to get my money and a whole lotta phone calls(13).

I had to return the freezer(lemon) and I had to fight to get my extended warrenty purchased. Thank God that I am one of those people who saves all her reciepts!!!

Thats how I got my money back. Beware of whirlpool freezer's there're lemons!!!I lose about 1500.00 worth of food

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I am going through this same thing right now. My refrigerator went out, and after 3 weeks of trying to get them to repair it, they finally gave up and paid me the purchase price, but I am still trying to get the food loss issue taken care of.

I would never ever, ever, ever recommend Lowes, their warranty program, or a Samsung refrigerator to anyone as long as I live. It is a night mare, they are complete idiots, and this is taking way too long to get taken care of.

I am not surprised that someone else (you and others) are having this same issue.


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Keeping your receipt really does pay off.. as it says please obtain a copy of your receipt for future needs

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