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As a veteran, I have used Lowes for many home improvement projects as my age is catching up with me. Recently, I had the experience of a lifetime and thought I might pass it along to you.

This started with a trip to my Lowes on Banks Ford Rd in Stafford, VA whereby I was looking to get a floor of my home carpeted. After visiting the department in the store and waiting about 10 minutes, I used the call button to summon help. After about 5 mins listening to “Special assistance in the Flooring Department…”, I walked over the turned off the vocal alert myself. A person in a red smock finally showed up and I asked him if I could get an estimate on carpeting…he replied in broken English that he was only a stocker and could not help me.

He further explained that the person working the area was on break (this is at 9AM in the morning). I decided to take a seat and wait another 15 minutes after which I walked up to customer service and ask for assistance. A brief search was conducted for the “person” who, by all accounts, was clocked into the store, but not in the store. Not sure what happened after that as I left…never to return.

I made my way to the Central Park Store, located in Fredericksburg, VA. This time I was greeted by a man in the flooring department who said he couldn’t assist me with the carpeting but would get the person who could. After calling around the store, a person named “Theresa” (I think) was identified and called to the department. About 10 minutes later, I was told this person was in a meeting and couldn’t assist me for at least 20 minutes.

I immediately left the store…you guessed it…never to return. For the morning efforts, I managed to waste 3 hours and still had no clue how to proceed in obtaining the carpet I needed. After 10 years of boycotting one of Lowes competitor stores, I decided it was time to check them out. My estimate was in my hand and an appointment for measurements for the following Monday within 10 mins.

I guess Home Depot might get my business from now on. (See hew complaint on Home Depot) Oh, one more issue. Lowe's policy about Military Discounts. Making us get a “My Lowes” card and making sure we get the appropriate discount recorded on our “My Lowes” account in order to receive our “Military discount”.

One would assume you no longer want our Nation’s veterans to produce their hard earned Retired card, that most worked their tails off for, to show it in line at any Lowes store in the future. In my mind, if you feel this way, it is just another way of hiding the fact that you do give discounts to people. For that reason, effective immediately, I will be boycotting your establishment and encouraging my peers to do the same.

I have already gotten negative messages from my peers and your stores are about to lose their patronage. Please don’t hide behind “procedure” for this offering, no one is buying it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: No store representation.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Stop selling products you don't intend to sell....

Lowes Cons: Costumer services.

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Yeah, they are always in meetings. Not sure what those meetings are about.

Probably how to make more sales, while customers walk out.

And people complain about gov employees. They are much more responsive than too big to fail bots.


Actually there new veteran policy is something that is helping. It used to be that they only accepted the VA cards only, they couldn't accept any license that said ID, couldn't accept DD214s.

Just VA cards. With their new method, Veterans, Active Members, and Reservists are now capable of getting the discount.

I actually find it very useful. But, each state has its own I guess, I've never had an issue with the Lowe's in my home town.


Typical entitled attitude. You were not conscripted or forced into service it's a choice you made.

Do not expect any of those in the real world to feel we owe you something because of your career choice. Everyone must work for everything we buy, discounts are a nice to have not a given.


An honorable vet would appreciate stores that offer them a discount and wouldn't cry and complain if they weren't offered one or didn't like the way a discount was offered. It's too bad that the only group of people you see complaining about discounts seems to be vets. There are a lot of other people out there that are deserving of discount as well but you don't see them complaining.


And they get a lot of mileage out of being so - called vet friendly. What they really want is personal information and it's fair to question somebody who advertises discounts to draw in unsuspecting identity victims.

When somebody employed by the store opens a bank account in your name they'll give you a free year of lifelock. Thanks.