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I made an appointment through Lowe's Service Advantage to have warranty work done on my Extended Protection Plan (EPP) warranty freezer. The service technician failed to show, even though my wife called Service Advantage three times that day to confirm.

The sub-contractor never called us, either. Scheduled another appointment, and had another no-show, eventhough I called Service Advantage twice to confirm. Our local store was fantastic - once I explained what happened he delivered a new freezer the next day. I am going to be reimbursed for items lost when the freezer died (part of the EPP that I purchased).

I've asked Lowes to reimburse my wife for her lost time (a total of 8 hours) in the form of a Lowes gift card - I feel that this is appropriate, considering the failure of the sub-contractor to arrive during either of the scheduled windows (4 hours each appointment). The executive services division has refused this request, citing that the new freezer and replacement food is adequate. I disagree - I paid for that when I purchased the EPP.

The company's sub-contractor procedures are the problem; the customer is not compensated by either the contractor or Lowes corporate when the sub contractor fails to show up for an appointment. There is no accountability at this level of Lowes customer support - and that's disappointing because my local Lowes store is fantastic, from the newest employee through the store manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Service Advantage is a subdivision of Lowe's not a sub. I am a Lowe's customer, not a customer of their local repair service.

I entered into a formal arrangement with Lowe's, not their local sub-contractor.

It's a Lowe's business decision to hire subs instead of keeping the work in house, and it's their problem when the sub fails to perform. You're right - I got a new freezer but only after I'd been stiffed for two no-shows by their sub, and only because the local Lowe's manager is a stand up guy (unlike the executive services division).


Why are you pissed at Lowes? You should be pissed at the company that provided the service.

Yes, Lowes sold you a contract provided by another company. They are not the company that provides the service. When they found you had a problem they gave you a new freezer.

They were under no obligation to do this and went above and beyond their responsibility. It's fine to be pissed, but be pissed at the proper people, not Lowes.