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I was going to purchase a CharBroil quantum Gas grill Saturday, June 12 and was told by a young lady at the register that I could get a free re fill and she asked her csm lady who was at the product pick up desk and the csm approved. I told her I did not have my tank with me to exchange so I told her I would bring in the tank Sunday to do the free refill exchange so she said ok.

I came in with my tank for the exchange the following day Sunday morning and wanted to purchase the Quantum grill so I went to the register and it was a different young lady being another day and shift obvious, I explained to the cashier reason I brought the empty tank so I could get the free refill they had promised me from Saturday evening and they told me it would be no problem on Sunday. I was denied. I wasted my time and gas, I lugged a tank around for nothing. Sadly i should have gotten it in writing.

I do not trust them anymore as the cashier who denied this deal i was promised by Lowes the day before showed pleasure in her denying me what was promised to me. Poor service, never returning and will spread the word to my friends and home owners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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The cashier should have rung you up for a free propane tank and marked it NL ( not loaded)so that when you went back to pick it up, all you had to do was show them your receipt.

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