Colleyville, Texas
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Worked with Aracele in customer service in Inwood rd store in Dallas. By error I rodered a fan on line to pick up at store and it went to the Allen Texas store.

I simply asked her if she could help me call to cancel the fan in the Allen store so I could buy it in the Inwood road store. Simply said it was apparent she did not like having to do it and had a sulking attitude. I am a home builder and I do a considerable amt of business at Lowes and Home Depot and courtesy is all I ask. If she is in customer service her job is to serve the customer.

If her attitude is not suited for that put her behind the scenes where she does not have to deal with customers needs. Thank you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Is it really that hard to call a store on your own? Do you need your mommy to call the store for you? You could have easily called the store and had them refund your purchase amount and while that was happening you could have strutted your "home builder" self down to the lighting department and found the fan and paid for it.


It just amazes me at how people can place an order on-line and strut into a brick and mortar store and expect people there to instantly solve the problems they caused. It's just not that easy.

If you are going to buy in the store, just go there and make the purchase rather than getting on the computer and risk screwing the order up. No, I don't work for Lowes but know enough that you looking to the wrong people to solve the problem you caused.