Stockton, California
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Payed for a fan 11/11/14 to be in in 1 week the manager was helping me and said we will call you !!!no call so I call the store they tell me there was 3 sold and no more in store!!item to be discontinued!!front desk said she would check on it had me on hold 33 min, so I hung up and called back asked to speak to a manager had to wait at least another 25 min.dave gets on Only to be told he's not sure what's going on but the trucks on the way and my item might be on it!!!Told him what the front desk told me that there was 3 sold and he said they don't no what there talking about so why do I have to call and check on something I already paid for?? And not get no answers this is bull what kind of store employes do you hire that don't no nothing when they have a computer !!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your grasp, or lack of grasp I should say, of the English language is frighteningly awful.

" don't no nothing "


" doesn't know anything "

"And not get no answer "

aka " Still have gotten no answer " Please try harder!!!