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Sent this to Lowes and Lowes Corporate. Lets see if a get a response...EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED.

Lost a great portion of my home in Island Park NY to the flood/hurricane Sandy. Needed a washer/dryer. Went to Farmingdale Black Friday. Nothing I picked was in stock.

Was able to get washer and 2 pedestals from the Bayshore store ( on the phone while in Farmingdale location) dryer gas set up and warrantys purchased from Farmingdale. Delivery was today 12/4/12. Washer and pedastals came without a problem. Delivery manager from Farmingdale called 5 hrs before delivery to tell me my new dryer was damaged.

He would have an associate call to arrange for another dryer/delivery date. No call after 3 hrs so I called. She told me none in stock she will refund me. Unacceptable!

I bought a set and that's what I want. She told me Garden City store had one but she couldn't call because she "would be on hold forever" and didn't have time she will call me back. No call back 4 hrs later. Wife calls to the store manager at 5pm.

She intimidates yells and insults my wife by putting the phone DOWN while my wife is talking. Will not accept responsibility for associate behavior. Would not place the call to garden city while my wife waited in hold. Told my wife there are too many customers in the store and she needed to help them.

After spending 3000 in your stores this is the way your employees are handling customers that have been living in a devastation for the past month?

I am shocked you allow people like this to represent you! Shame Shame!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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