Rock Hill, South Carolina

I went into Lowes in Rock Hill SC to have some keys made. The employee that was helping me just walked away. When he returned I asked for the return of my keys to go elsewhere where the service was better and he threw them at me.

I complained to the store manager and he accused me of lying, telling me his employee would never do that. I called the customer service number and a district manager called me and told me they were referring the incident to a vice-president.

After a few week without any reply I called back and subsequently received a call from their executive leadership team telling me that my incident was resolved and they found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of their employee - Simply amazing! Lowes finds it appropriate to throw things at customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Dear I was lying,

It is great that you have parents that care and made you post the truth. Did you ever stop to think that by lying and saying an employee of Lowe's threw keys at you this employee could have been fired and lost his job?

Lowe's has wonderful cameras in the store and that is how they knew you lied and beleived the employee.

Maybe you should also write a letter to the store manager and hardware employee asking for forgiveness? Just a thought :sigh


What an ***. Why were you angry?

They didn't have the blank for your key? I've had customers say I was lying and say I didn't want to cut their key. Come to my store and try that.

The camera in tool world pointed towards hardware will show the higher up what goes on, which is why no one ever called you. ***!


Did he really throw them at you like he was trying to hurt you? I doubt it.

Don;t be so senstive. Be a man.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198263

I have calmed down after writing this letter. When I wrote this letter I was angry.

The employee never threw the keys at me.

I was just angry and wanted to get him in trouble. However my parents told me that if I don't post the truth they will personally make me to to the manager and employee and apologize in their face.

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