Lowes Flooring Installation Reviews

Installer came and was unaware (even though I paid for this service) that he had to rip out carpet and some old flooring. They had to order more wood which took a week and then again a few days until the installer could come out. They investigated the flooring and install 3 times. During which the flooring started to cup. We had new wood ordered and was ordered short as per the original order not the updated sizing. That has been here for...
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I didn't like
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My Name is Louise Thompson, May of 2016 I purchased flooring with Lowes for my Kitchen, Dining and living area. On May 31st My wood floor was installed I was not happy with the flooring and expressed my concern that I did not like all of the black going through the flooring and knots that is not what I was shone at the store. Walt says to me well there is nothing I can do about it now I call Lowes and when I got off the phone Walt says I am...
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Lowe's refuses to install a particular flooring in my home. I asked if they had an installer I could call. "Sorry against policy". Feel like they just left me hanging. Called Home Depot. No problem. Guess who I'm buying my flooring from. I don't understand why Lowe's has a policy that prohibits customers' from participating in promotional. Have to hit a hundred words but I've written everything pertinent. I hope this passes muster...word word...
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Anonymous Too bad you did not use more of those words to go into detail but WHT you are trying to describe. Just because you know and went through it, doesn't mean random peons like my...