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Had Lowes measure for carpet in a house that already has the old carpet and padding removed and hauled off. Additionally, there's not even a lamp to unplug because we have already moved everything out. The Basic installation for FREE includes moving furniture,...
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When dealing with carpet there are 2 different labor categories, standard ( Tack and pad) and glued. The promotion you referring to offers free "standard" installation.

What's not covered is consumables i.e. glue all contractors charge for consumables... I haven't seen the cove but it sounds like this area is either a pita to install or you are referring to carpet base mouldings. Carpet base is not standard wastes a ton of material requires skilled specialty labor and a lot of it...

if it's a pita it's an above standard labor charge because of the additional skill and time needed. So a standard install is dropping a new carpet on a basically level surface using padding and tack strips. Paying upfront. Paying %10 upfront is a good faith deposit for lack of a better way to say it.

Depending on the fine print either you or the installer can back out anytime. Leaving little to no debt to either party. For example half the job is done . Half the money is paid but the contractor walks because he doesn't like you...

everyone's even . Fair deal Lowes sells contracts and acts as a middle man. Backing out is not really an option for either party. It is very important to take your time before buying the contract and understanding fully what is included.

If you expect mill work but it's not in the contract.. it won't get done. It looks like there was a failure to fully explain the process and fine print on the part of the sales rep. This is a huge problem for lowes sales reps will...

and have promised customers unreasonable and at times impossible things, the reason for this is that their performance incentive is based not only on actual sales but also on assessments and quotes.

But they fail to explain the details and help educate their customer and attempt to push that off on laborers hired to complete the install. I hope this has been helpful.

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Lowes Flooring Installation Estimate
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Pricing issue
Went to Lowe's for our carpet and vinyl flooring needs. After the fact, I found out that Lowe's has one and only one flooring installation contractor...a company called Keller Interiors, Inc...they are a nation wide company also. Lowe's lets Keller Interiors sub...
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For some reason when I posted this Lowe's ended up giving them 4 should be giving them 1 star.

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Lowes Flooring Installation Estimate
  • Front line red vest employees are great and helpful
  • Local store managers avoiding me
Reason of review
Pricing issue
Preferred solution
A refund for excess material and labor, and an investigation of their flooring contractor and sub contractors.
  • Inflating Customer Needs
  • Selling Unneeded Material
  • Installation Contractors

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