Chicago, Illinois

After purchasing $135 of inlaid flooring I asked how much they would get to install it. I was told $1.50 a Square Ft. and if it needed underlayment it would be an additional $1.75 a SF. I paid them the $35 refundable estimate they had a man come out and he would contact the store with my estimate. When he came he measured but didn't know about extra charges. With 100 SF of flooring I estimated it would run around $325. The next day Lowes called and said they had the estimate.

I went back to the store and almost fell over that the estimate was over $700. I could not believe they ala carted the bill so much. It included installing the inlaid in two bathrooms, removing two toilets and reinstalling them for around $150 , pulling up the old carpet and disposing it, and $80 for moving the Washer and dryer. I said I would remove the carpet and dispose of it. It was only glued along the edges and was nothing to remove. I also said I would have the Washer and Dryer moved to save another $80. Glue and other misc. items were also on the bill.

After agreeing on a labor estimate bill of $532 and shaking the salesman's hand I proceded to the registers to pay for the installation. The following morning Lowes called and said THEY forgot to charge for the underlayment and wanted an additional $53 for the underlayment that THEY forgot to put on the bill. They even had the nerve to ask me to haul it to my house for the job. I went to the store and paid them for the Underlayment, and they said the installer would pick it up on the way to my job.

I let them know I was very unhappy and this would be my last visit to a Lowes Store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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If you happen to buy a floor from Lowes you can call installers like me to install it. You will more than likely save hundreds of dollars.


ya moma


I hate Lowe's. I wanted flooring (Vinyl and Carpet) for the whole house.

I have been several times to the store and had to hunt down their Carpet rep.. The service was terrible...most all the Carpet people were untrained and incompetent. I have tried to call Lowes but NO ONE ever answers the phone. The install are teasers...they have add in for just about everything and push for extra's to buy....the installs are about twice what you initially are led to believe.

And, the install and delivery time are extreme. I wound up buying the Vinyl planks (633 sq. Ft.) but cancelling a the install (Quoted at $1,759) and hiring another installer for ($1000).

And he removed and disposed of the old carpet, installed, moved the furniture, refrigerator, stove, and installed the edge molding that were not included in the Lowe's price. These extra's would have cost about another $400.


Sounds like Lowes. I went to Lowes with my mother in Florida, and she was quoted an estimated $400 to redo her kitchen floor.

The man came and measured which were the same as my Mom's measurements. Later he called back and it would cost $1,000+ to do her floor. When my mother asked the Lowes' worker in the store, she said, "I want the total estimated cost for everything. Surprise!!!

Well, that wasn't moving the refrigerator ($60.00---which wouldn't come out anyway because they couldn't figure out how to turn off the water supply), labor (which was more than the cost of the sheet vinyl), flooring glue, leveling 8 little places and scraping along some of the edges from previous vinyl before my parents moved in), 2 finishing strips and some skinny white molding in a few places.

Needless to say, we found a flooring company in the area which offered us a better quality sheet vinyl, labor, glue, strips and molding, etc...

for $600.00.


This is why we have our certified installers come out to measure and estimate what a job will cost. Basic flooring installation is just that.

Anything extra will cost extra. This is why the contractor comes to your home to look, fills out the measurement forms and the associates work up an estimate. If you don't like the price?

Don't buy the job.

However, if something goes wrong in the future with the installation, good luck on getting any problems taken care of by some cutrate noncertified contractor.


Real professional comment Lowes guy


GO direct -- do not utilize the services of a home center. Typically, the sub contractors have lapses in insurance, are starving, and have minimal professional experiences.

Save yourself some time... gather personal references from trusted sources and consult directly with a professional.

Save yourself TONS of time, headache, and MONEY! Good luck.


What a great way to Characterize Lowes contractors. You've no doubt been rejected or kicked out of the program.

Here are FACTA about Lowes installrrs: When an installers insurance or other mandatory licenses lapses, they immediately get booted from the system and no longer receive estimates or work. This protects both Lowes and the homeowner. Lowes installers are constantly being offered and required to complete training with the manufacturers of the products they install; all Paid for by Lowes. Lowes installers are well paid and not starving as you suggest because Lowes likes to keep the same installers in their system taking care of their customers.

Lowes Installers are all thouroughly background checked unlike most freelance contractors who hire cheap labor ( who usually are cheap because they cant pass background anywhere else) in order to save money. Lowes installers are "professionals" who are backed by one of the largest home improvement companies out there. If a Lowes certified contractor does a bad job and doesn't fix it, Lowes will send another contractor until the customers are satisfied. Lowes contractors don't show up looking homeless in cut off Jean shorts and tank tops smelling like cigarettes and bad decisions from the dive bar they were in the night before like most of the other "who the *** is letting THAT guy in their house" looking dudes walking around the store.

Guys who dog Home improvement store contractors are either upset because we get all of their work, or they can't get in the system themselves. Think before you listen to people like whitelightning for advice because when there is so much trash talk there is usually a reason.

Sorry you had such an issue but like ANY purchase from a retail store, not all experiences will go perfect. But I guarantee you were made whole.




You can't possibly have this attitude and still be employed by Lowes....can you?

Well, actually, you probably can. This company is awful when it comes to customer service and to divulging any and all information to their customers.

You are a perfect example of what Lowes is like - everyone, avoid at all costs - otherwise, this lack of respect for the consumers is what you will experience.


Lowes installers are starving and don't get paid crap, the general contractor gets paid good but they don't pay their employees (the ones actually doing the job) good. I installed for Lowes through a general contractor and never heard one customer say they'd use lowes again. And I don't blame them, every job was a huge *** show.


Wow I am a flooring Installer and Only get 7.25 a yard for vinyl flooring and .70 a sq ft for underlayment and 15.oo for appliances. Maybe I should work for Lowes lol


i wouldn't work for lowes as an doesnt pay that great.yes lowes charges extra on certain things,but dont believe for one minute that your getting that money.been an installer for 20 years,and they kicked the pay down to almost what i was makeing 20 years ago.and they wonder why installers are in pissy moods and dont want to do any extra work.they charge for the work and keep the money.

@rug wrestler

Why does anyone work for them?