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My Name is Louise Thompson,

May of 2016 I purchased flooring with Lowes for my Kitchen, Dining and living area. On May 31st My wood floor was installed I was not happy with the flooring and expressed my concern that I did not like all of the black going through the flooring and knots that is not what I was shone at the store. Walt says to me well there is nothing I can do about it now I call Lowes and when I got off the phone Walt says I am sure I will be back. One of the gentlemen working with Walt came back in the house and told me he agreed and he wouldn’t be happy either. Once the crew left I went in and there are boards that are higher than other ones so when you walk across the floor you can feel the difference on your feet I had many different colors in the flooring nicks & big knots in the flooring it was awful. I had quarter round for the kitchen and the other 2 rooms all was supposed to be oak but only enough was sent for the ceramic kitchen floor and a darker color for the other rooms they used the oak and of course didn’t have enough so they piece too different colors together. I have nicks in the walls I get that but they could of said something they used my refrigerator without asking and my garage was full instead of asking me to move something they plugged there saw in and I had sawdust in all of my totes of belongings. I have been in contact with Lowes in Kalamazoo on West Main and had many conversations between Chris, Laura, Gary, Carlos and Rueben all I get is the run around. They did sent a guy out to take pictures and I mentioned the different in the height of the wood he says that is normal I have been on several wood floors that is not normal he brought a level in with him but never used it basically took some pictures and left. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told we will get back with you one way or another with what we have found out and I don’t hear anything at all. I had never dealt with a company that is trying to figure out who is responsible and paying for it to be corrected before making sure the customer is taken care of I work in a business and if we worried about payment for damage before getting the product out to the customer first we wouldn’t have a business. I feel I should not of been place on hold this long and that my flooring should of all been taken care of first then deal with contractors for payment. Also I would like you to know that the crew was contracted for 3 days to complete the wood flooring and they completed it in one it was very rush and now I am paying for it. I feel that Lowes needs to comes and get my floor tore up and a new one put down and get new quarter round put down in the kitchen due to it is the wrong color. Since all of this I am going on 5 weeks with no furniture as it is in other rooms, in the garage at the neighbors, I have been paying a cable bill for two months and can’t watch TV, I am stressed to the max from all the running around from Lowes making excuses, doctors appointment from stress and breaking out in rashes and many tears. I also feel that when your employees are showing flooring to the customers that they show the whole picture and explain the difference in grains of the wood and colors not a small piece of wood that doesn’t show all the details. Throughout the day I would hear the crew mention the next job must have been something big in it for them so I paid the price on the job they did with my flooring.


Louise Thompson

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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