Palm Bay, Florida

Friday, March 24th, Lowes came out to estimate foor tile to be installed in kitchen. Here's where things went wrong: #1 went to pick out tile/materials on Saturday, March 25th.

Was told couldn't until the estimate came in, and that be on Monday, March 27th  #2 Monday came and heard nothing , Tuesday came and heard nothing , Wednesday came and heard nothing, Thursday called to see what was going on #3 Told they were waiting for me to pick out tile.  Explained what happened. They they apologized and said they'd fix it  that I needed to come in and pick out the materials/tile #4 went in on that Friday, March 31st picked out supplies and paid on Lowes Credit Card.  They asked if the next Saturday, April 1, in the MORNING  was ok to drop supplies/materials off. I said yes.  Then, I was told installer would call to set up appt to install, and if I hadn't heard anything by that Following Tuesday, to call them.I said, "OK".  #5 Woke up at 730 am Saturday, April 1 waited until 11:30 am and hadn't heard anything.

#6  I Called the store, and they asked if delivery had contacted me. I said,"No."They said they'd find out whats going on and call me back. They Called me back saying delivery hadn't left yet store yet. I said I had to reschedule then because I had errands to run.

I also said if they messed up the reschedule, I'm done and want my money back. She said, "Ok", and she'd have delivery call me or she would call me.  I never heard back after that. So I left and ran errands. While on my way home from runnings errands, I called the store to see what was going on.

I Had to leave a message with a male because the 2  females had been working  with since the first problem was at lunch.  #7 I Came home to find supplies and materials left in my  driveway. I Had to break it all down to carry it in since it was all on a pallet and too heavy.  #8 i waited until Tuesday, April 4th, as advised for installers to call to make appt.They never called.

I called the store, and she she said installers should've called me. She said she'd see what was going on and call me back. I, then, explained how the materials were left on my driveway. She said she told delivery to do that because  I didn't answer my phone (lie from them, they never called me).

She called me back, and said installer said my file was on their desk to be called and they'd go ahead and call since I called. They called and set up appt for Thursday, April 20th  #9 April 20th: install day, and hadn't heard anything. I got a phone call at 8:30 am because installers went to my old house after I told them in the store 3 times to change my address. #10 Installer said they gave us unsanded instead of sanded grout, and gave us a metal piece we didn't need.

 #11 to add fuel to the fire, installer said this will be a 3 day job now because they told him we had floating hardwood instead of glued hardwood.

#12 Installer called the store to tell them about the flooring, and they said that it's more money to take up the glued hardwood and they'd call me. He said he told them that wasn't a good idea because I'm upset already.  Installers will be returning for next 2 days to finish this job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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