Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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I have been dealing with Lowes for over 1 year just to get the refrigerator replaced and get my food losses I have had them replace three of the same refrigerator during the warranty period. It is now a year and a half and they have tried everything in their power not to pay us what they owe.

I have all my receipts and all of the correspondence with them over the time. It has taken two Better Business Bureau complaints to get them off of their arses just to do what is right. So no matter what keep all your paperwork file a BBB complaint in North Carolina online and make them give you what they owe you. They want to make it hard so you will not file and then they keep their money or should I say your money.

If you file it in North Carolina the executive staff will get involved. I hope this helps.


Monetary Loss: $1794.

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Canton, Ohio, United States #576272

Warranties come from manufacturers, not retail stores.

to Anonymous Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #628438

give it up! It says right on the warrantee for a refrigerator from Lowe's that it covers the cost of damaged food! If you don't know what your talking about, don't talk about it!!!!

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