Hickory, North Carolina
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Moved here three years ago from neighboring county.Thanks to bad economy food prices have gotten ridiculous.

Lowes Foods in Mountain View south of Hickory NC is the worst. They must have done some kind of research and found a lot of high income retirees in the area. They draw you in with sales and except for those items you can not afford anything. Everything is almost double price.

A 3.00 item in any other store costs at least 5.50 and in some cases more. The prices are unaffordable and you would think the government would regulate such none sense. The only people you ever see are parked in the parking lot?.

Must be in neighboring stores. Maybe this will right itself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Parking.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Monroe, Ohio, United States #681946

Knowing this is in the wrong complaint area, you should shop somewhere else, problem solved. And why would we want to regulate just another thing.

They have too much control in the first place.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #681457

Once again, you posted in the wrong section.

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