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Very disappointed in our first large transaction with Lowes. We ordered a new freezer on March 2nd, with a delivery date of mid March.

The day before our expected delivery, we received an email stating that the freezer had not quite arrived at the warehouse and would be delayed until the 24th. The day before our expected arrival (again), my husband emailed asking for delivery time the following day. At this point, we were informed that our freezer was on backorder and would not be arriving until an undetermined date in April. Very disappointed, we contacted the warehouse to ask for an exchange or something for our trouble.

We were informed that an exchange was impossible, and we were not able to cancel our order, but that we would be issued a small gift card with the freezer instead, and that delivery would be scheduled as soon as the freezer arrived at the local store. Yesterday, my husband was called and told we would receive our freezer tomorrow (not next day delivery as we were previously told) and the gift card situation was not mentioned. Today, my husband called to check on delivery time (for our *third* arrival date) and to ask about the gift card. He was told issuing a gift card would be "too hard to do" and that we would receive a measly $50 reimbursement for our trouble.

We are very disappointed in this. We are expecting twins I'm two weeks, and so we ordered the freezer a month ago to make sure we had time to save meals and prepare for their birth. We lost a substantial amount of food waiting for delivery of the freezer as we were not able to freeze it. If the freezer arrives tomorrow, it will be the last transaction we (and everyone we know) will ever have with Lowes.

We will be taking our money to Home Depot or local hardware stores rather than shop at Lowes.

This was a very large purchase for us to make, and after very careful decision making, we chose Lowes. We will know better in the future, and never purchase from this company again.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sure, go to Home Depot. I doubt you have bothered to look at their complaints.

The problem is buying appliances that are not in stock. You are given an expected delivery date based on what the manufacture has told them. Unfortunately their warehouses are sometimes out of stock and you end up waiting for a new batch to be manufactured and shipped in to the warehouse.

Based on the average price of a freezer the $50 gift card is more than likely 10% or better. Doesn't sound unreasonable for a 2 week delay.