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Our front load washer went out 2 weeks ago after 3 years of service and it was deemed un repairable thru repair man thru loews warrenty. My father in law bought the washer/dryer with warranty for our wedding gift, he used his military discount and put the sale in my wife's name.

The loews warranty gave us instore credit of 890.19 the original price was 1099.00, they said my father in law would have to use his military discount again for the new purchase. My wife and I had plenty of time to compair prices and we wanted to use the price match garentee as what is advertised on the internet because the front load washer we like was pricey and some other retailers were 100 to 200 dollars cheeper. When we got to loews the saleman said that he could not use the military discount as we were told. And that if my father in law is caught making a sale like this that loews would refuse him from ever getting the discount again.

So their went $208.81 out the window. My wife and I had picked out a nice washer so on the spot we had to pick out a cheeper one, the sales man being an *** said i have to help other people who are actualy buying something ill be back. With our cell phones we find a cheeper one and were looking at the price match to help with the 200 dollar loss. On the internet it doesnt say anything about loews has to have it in stock ready to sale and the competitor has to have it in stock ready to sale.

Well their went the 2nd washer, the 3rd one loews didnt have it in stock either, the 4th washer had a big discount in the store LG and we were able to save a little money on price match because they called to verify the other retailer had it in stock. The mgr is called to see about our refund of 890.19 she looked mad and very short with all her answers both her and the sales man act like they are doing us a favor by buying one of 3 front loads they actualy had in stock. She proceeds to tell us that she has to go up front to do this transaction because she has to use 2 registers at the same time. My wife and I broght our 2 one year old puppies who were both laying down asleap.

As this woman walked by she mumbled "come on people this isnt pets smart " my wife did not follow her to the front because she was ready to make it known lowdly that we should not be treated like this nor talked to like she just did. I followed the woman in the powered cart (im disabled) this woman spent 30 minutes going back and forth till finally i had to pay over 200 for the difference. I did not get a detailed recept a copy of some information printed on a 8-1/2 by 11 and a recept for my payment of 200+ and it doesnt have for what its for? The woman tells me this- your 890.19 will be deposited into our corporate account so I charged the corporate account the full amount and you paid the difference, i said okay because at this point i was either going to start yelling or jump out of the powered cart to ring her neck.

We get home and im looking thru the new watrenty leaflet i found-i wasnt given one even tho we purchased another warrenty for this cheeper model. My wife has been washing our cloths in our bath tub and i told every person about this prayn it would help us get a washer sooner and it didnt, well this leaflet says with a 5 year warranty you get 50 dollars allowance towards your cloths being washed. So i called the warrenty people and they tell me that because that washer has been refunded we cant get the 50dollars (its wensday) even tho our washer will not be installed till Monday ! So we could have sent the cloths to be washed but the old contract paper disnt have anything on it for rentals or allowance for having cloths cleaned, and no one told me during the many calls about our washer even tho i told them every time my wife wad washing them by hand in our tub.

So Lowes realy screwed us out of $258 dollars, treated us like xhit and was rude, complained about our fur babbies.

So yup were pissed ! I have told this who story to customer service early this morning and it 3pm no call back, ill update this feedback if something changes until then we are never going to shop at this store ever again.

Reason of review: That I can always go to home depot..

Lowes Pros: Lady told us how well behaved, Clean, And quite our puppies were.

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