Tulsa, Oklahoma

Every time i go to get plants there is never anyone to load at the moore, norman, & 74th street okc stores. There is plenty of people doing nothing they dont even offer to help load.

Once another customer loaded mine. Its ridiculous that you have to chase people down there should be somone asking you. Another issue is whats up with the plant carts cant they have them inside available to you. They should also doublestaff the garden area with people ready to help and load.

the prices of each plant should be available and on all plants so you know what you are paying.

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YOU lazy *** what you gonna do when you get your *** plants home huh


Lowes is a self service store.. why don't you tell the manager to hire one person for every customer then maybe you would be happy and we could go plant your freaking flowers for you

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #33442

If you cant load your own plants how do you plant them plants aren't heavy are you paralyzed or something. Plus there are other customers in the store who might have needed jhelp loading heavier stuff plus if you see someone with plants you don't expect them to need help loading plants your weak


I almost forgot. You aren\'t the only customer in the store!

Get over it.

There are people that actually need help loading HEAVY items. You got *** plants!


*** yeah HDLo! They do have people that will load your items, and if you can't load a few plants when you leave the store, how the *** are you gonna get them out when you get home? Bring someone that can help you if your are gonna *** that much!


Yeah, this is really a useless complaint. Why not ask one of the plenty of people doing nothing.

Better yet... load them up your own self. Does someone walk along side of you at the Grocery store to put things in your basket?

But to boil this down... its all about money.

In order to accomplish everything you just wished for, there would be 3 more additional employees. (1) Loader/Personal Shopper (2) Pricing Coordinator to re-sticker all the plants after a consumer takes the tag off or the wind blows (3) Somone to go out the parking lot and retrieve the precious carts you can't seem to bring in...knowing that you're buying plants.

Each person paid $8('cuz who honestly would put up with your *** for minimum wage) x 3 people = $960 a week x 1700 stores = $1.6million..... would you rather have cheaper plants or someone to serve you?

Quinton, Virginia, United States #20358

get over it

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