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Lowes GE Money they are harrassing me after they closed my credit card I had a Lowes Card for 20 years. What is wrong with Lowes and GE Money Please help They Harrass and they have poor credit associates.

What is the address for Lowes Corporate and Lowes GE Money.

Lowes doesnot stand behind their products I had a washer that broke and broke wht is wrong with Lowes.

Lowes credit said I was a good customer then they cut my account down with regards to credit line then tey sent a collector after me I mailed 4 payments they said they never got

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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After being with the company over ten years and never had a payment problem, two mistakes are made not by me but by lowes in not processing the payments in on time. They wait 72 hours or more to post them to the acct. I have always tried to make my payments in on time and this they way you treat good customers?


Sorry to hear you had an upleasant experience. We'd like to see if we can offer any assistance.

Please send your contact information/phone number to creditcardhelp@ge.com so we can have a specialist contact you directly. Please do not post or include your specific account number.


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