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I purchased a GE 7' pre-lit tree from Lowes for last Xmas. After 500 hours of use, half of the lights are no longer working.

I contacted the distributor of the tree who is "Santa's Best" and they said that they are aware of the problem with the non-replaceable "fuse bulbs" that are used in the tree. They will only send you new light strings under the three year warranty and expect the consumer to remove the original lights and install the replacements themselves - this is an impossible task. This would be the same as an appliance manufacturer sending a component of an appliance to a customer and tell them the must install it themselves. I was told by one of the employees at Santa's Best that they are aware of the problem and have corrected it by no longer using the non-replaceable fuse bulbs in their latest manufacturing run.

I have also contacted Lowes as well and they have not yet responded to my complaint of selling inferior merchandise.

I guess that I am stuck with a non lighting pre-lit Xmas tree. Shame on Lowes and Santa's Best.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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We redesigned our kitchen and we're so proud of it, this was in 1999. We used Millspride cabinets and every single one of them the vinyl is lifting and peeling, I contacted HomeDepot where we purchased them from and they said are they in an area where it's humid.

Duh kitchen and bathroom ya probably humid. I tried to contact Millspride apparently they don't care or have gone out of business because I never go a response.

Home Depot no longer carries this product, I wonder why. :(


I'm having the same problem with my tree from Lowes which is a Prelite GE tree with the no out lights. GE offered to send me replacement lights but last year my sister in law who bought the same tree had the same problem and was sent replace my lights, they are next to impossible to restrand.

GE wouldn't even allow me to talk to a manager.

Will never buy from GE again. I have a call into Lowes but they said its unlikely they can help since the manufacture issues the warranty and they are who stands by the product which is rediculous since they should stand by what they sell.


I am going through the exact same thing right now. I am glad you posted this.

I am going to try and take my tree back to Lowes. Hopefully the store that I purchased it from will be as helpful as yours.

What terrible customer service by GE.........


KUDOS TO LOWES!!!. They took the tree back without any question.

I didn't have the original sales receipt so they gave me credit on my Lowe's credit card.

I was really impressed by the way they handled the entire bad situation.

As far as the manufacturer - I wouldn't buy a Santa's Best product if they gave it to me for nothing.


I wish to update this complaint. I have been contacted by Lowe's via email regarding this matter.

They are forwarding my complaint to my local store to see what can be done to correct this matter.

It appears that Lowe's may do something for me after all. Updates will follow as I get more info.


I am having the same thing happening with our tree not only does half the lites not work but they actually popped and the lites turned black. I bought mine at Lowes in Canada so it's not just in the US this is definitely a fire hazard.

I called Lowes and they said they would call today but they didn't no big surprise. No more GE *** for our house :(