Woodway, Texas
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My husband and I recently purchased a whole home generator from lowes / Longview . This entire process was challenging until today. We were told that the install would take a few days for everything to come together. And lucky for lowes it was the last day. We seriously debated on filling out our right to cancel contract and have this equipment picked up!

With that being said , Lowes and Supercenter need to seriously thank this man and his crew for their professionalism , organization and knowledge. The final phase of our project was up to the plumber and we were skeptical that it would be any different!

Right at the time they said Jack pulled up introduced himself and two men that were I'm assuming his apprentices or helpers. They were organized like nothing I've ever seen and I organize Rodeo events! They had everything they needed, worked together like they had been together for 2o years which we know is impossible.

( one young man couldn't be a day over 20 ) lol!

Everything looked perfect , Jack instructed us on how to use our generator, what to do later and even left us hand written notes on things to remember! Who does that??

Thank you Jack! Jack's guys, and Supercenter. Lowes owes you guys big!!!!! ----

P.O. Jr.


Reason of review: Good customer service.

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My mother and I had the same experience! We too purchased a Generac Standby generator to be installed by Generator Supercenter.

It was 2 months ago today to be exact.. Everything, I mean everything was a butt whipping to put it lightly! Until The plumber showed up. These men were so professional.

My mother swears the mans name was Jack but she could be wrong. I do know that the youngest man's name was Blake. Ask for these guys to come first, it will for sure make you feel better when the rest of their people show up. Just ask for that crew to come check everything when done and definitely request that (Jack) explain how your system works..

You will be in good hands!

God Bless,

Lisa and Pat Palmer