Conway, Arkansas
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Bought 440 square feet of vinyl planks for floors, only to find half way through the job 3 boxes were defective! They were different colors and would NOT stick.Went back with photos and asked what we should do, by their recommendations we glued the planks with a separate purchase of a glue they recommended!

After a job that should have taken just hours, it took a week of replacing or repairing.We were also told to bring back the defective planks, so we did!

Now...not only did this take much longer than it should have, now we have mismatched planks....The flooring manager after I showed him photos and what we had to go through just to finish this job, had the nerve to say that I WAS BEING DISHONEST on how many planks were defective!

3 boxes, all of which were bad got returned in pieces parts, because that's what it took to remove and replace them!

They sell inferior product and then have the nerve to call ME dishonest!

2nd run in with dishonesty at lowes!

The first time an appliance employees sold my daughter a water heater and overflow tank, the overflow tank couldn't be used so that got returned, only to be told it had already been returned and the amount was put on a Lowes gift card!.

Long story short, turns out that appliance employee did it by showing in their system that it was returned and he collected a gift card!

Shame on Lowes dirty practices!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

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