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Bought items from the Newport News store and an employee said that they checked on the item to see if it was broken (Johnathan Everman)and so we bought the items went in on 11/14/09 to pick up the items and both of the 2 that the Newport News store had were broken, so the customer service called over to the only other store (the Hampton store) that had the vanity item#16691 to make sure that the one that they had was not broken and Bubu from the Hampton store said that he checked on the item and it was not broken. So we went over to that store to buy the item and bring it home.

We got it home and opened it up and it is broken and the manufacture did not finish putting the items together. The drawers were not put together like they should have been. I then called to speak with the MOD from the Hampton store and spoke with Sherita @ 7:41pm on 11/14/09. She was a little rude but said that she would order another one but it would be 7-10 days before she could get it in the store but then they could not deliver it to me for free in exchange for the broken one.

The is a bit of a pain in the butt since I have been trying to get these since 11/7/09 and this is the 3rd one that we have tried and no other store has any. It should be rushed ordered and delivered free to my house with a discount for my troubles. Then I called over to speak with the MOD from the Newport News store and spoke with Scott @7:52pm on 11/14/09 and he said that he could not order it until Tuesday and from that day it would be 7-10 days for the store to get it and that he could not rush order it, nor could he deliver it to my house for free or with any kind of discount for my troubles, nor could he sell us the display at a discounted price. This item is $476.10 and I have tried 3 different items and spoke with Johnathan Everman from the Newport News store who was also suppose to order a bathtub for us.

But when I called 2 days later to double check if the item was in yet or not, I was told that the item was never ordered. That item #286051 which is $447.30, we bought it from the Hampton store on 11-11-09. This was done with Free delivery, thanks to Patty a Sales Manager at the Newport News store who arranged this to be done due to my troubles and it was delivered 11-13-09 and it is in ok shape but a soft pipe is kinked and can not be installed because of this. It will reduce water flow.

I spent $2,037.61 from Lowes from both the Hampton store and the Newport News store and this is getting really old. I think that I should get a new bathtub delivered and double vanity delivered undamaged to my house for free and that I should get some kind of discount, because of the trouble. The bathtub may or may not leak due to the kink will not know for a fact until it is installed.

The vanity is broke at the bottom right side where its cracked and the backing is not attached and the medal bars that the drawers are on, on the left hand side are bent and not attached. I would like someone to call me ASAP with a replacement with free delivery and or some kind of discount for the broken items.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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See I work at a retail store as well and know that customer service needs too be addressed. My issue is that both of these store employees and top management all had a careless attitudes. All in both of these stores the employees states that they checked out the product and it was not damaged, but when I go in to pick it up, it is clear that no one really looked at the product, box never opened but clearly damaged and the product is damaged inside. DON'T LIE TO SOMEONE AND TELL THEM YOU CHECKED OVER THE ITEM AND IT IS NOT DAMAGED WHEN YOU REALLY DID NOTHING!! Even the managers had the I don't care attitude. Retail means you must have people skills, if you don't, don't do retail.

I have worked in customer service at a retail store for the last 6 years!!


Do you really think stores put damaged merchandise on the shelves on purpose? Many things can happen to a product from damage in manufacturing, shiping or a previous customer knocking it off the shelf.

Unfortunately things happen. As a retail employee I do not enjoy seeing peopple frustrated over a damaged product. Unfortunately we don't go in the back room and build a new one. If we are out of stock it may take some time to get a new one.

I don't understand why everyone thinks they need to be "COMPENSATED" for their time.

Face it..we don't live in a perfect world and things will happen that are not conveniant for you. Retailers DO NOT owe you compensation for lifes hassels.

Let it go...quit complaining and get on with your life.